Bamiyan's Threatened Treasures, 2020

Series | Twenty years ago, the Taliban destroyed the giant Buddhas, symbol of this valley...

Epernay Museum, 2020

Series | Since 2018, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has been documenting the transformation of the castle into a museum.

Bolivian Presidential Election, 2020

Série | 7.3 million Bolivians were called to the polls on October 18, 2020 to elect their President, Vice-President and renew their Parliament.

Approval, 2020

Series | On 25 October 2020, Chile voted for the revision of its Constitution in a long-awaited referendum.

Art & Fashion

Adrien Selbert was commissioned by the Libération, Néon Mag, Label Kiddermaster media to photograph the Paris Fashion week prêt-à-porter, fall-winter 2018-2019 collection...

São Paulo, the Stone Forest (work in progress)

Series | This series started in early 2020 in São Paulo is the second main part of Vincent Catala's work in Brazil, after the completion of the project "Rio, Invisible City" (2013-2018). 

Reimagining Dinosaurs, 2020

Series | Palaeontological science has constantly evolved through excavations, discoveries and the technological tools at its disposal.

Peru, 2020

Series | Juan-Manuel Castro Prieto returns in the heart of remote villages and continues to tell the personal myth that Peru inspires him.