Dark Souvenirs, 2023

Series | As I was travelling for assignments or personal projects, I began to systematically look for these souvenirs of trips: Chernobyl and its snowball of the catastrophe; Putin declined in several forms through time; Bin Laden after 9/11.

Science in India, a female universe, 2023

Series | In India, more and more women attempt at breaking the rules and at making a place for themselves in a scientific landscape where social and cultural barriers are still present.

Giants - Rising Up, Hong Kong, 2023

Rising Up depicts an athlete gracefully propelling herself backward above the Hong Kong skyline, inviting viewers to take off and achieve more.

Pension reform: a surge of social conflict

Series | At the beginning of 2023, the government introduced its pension reform project – an extension of the age of legal retirement from 62 to 64 or a prolongation of the contribution period – as non-negotiable. In response to this lack of dialogue with the social members, a wave of strikes spread throughout France.

Young & Queer

These photographs depict a portrait of young people in Ile-de-France who are eager to abolish gender boundaries in a joyful fury.

Passenger, 2021

Série | Associating colour with black and white esthetic, the "Passenger" corpus extends the initiation journey that is dear to Martin Bogren's photographic writing.

War in Ukraine: Over one year of conflict, 2023

Series | As we approach the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, let's look back at one of the worst military conflicts in Europe since the Second World War.

The renewal of the Egyptian archaeology, 2023

Series | Two hundred years after Champollion decoded the first hieroglyphs and one hundred years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Egypt is reclaiming its past and placing its heritage in the hands of a whole new generation of local archaeologists, using the best technological tools.

The world of feathers, 2022

Series | Feathers have become instruments of knowledge, travel, and openness to the world, but also a rediscovery of the treasures of the craft. From feather duster to haute couture, from cabaret to taxidermy, the traveling feather crosses continents.

Landless Workers Movement, 2022

Série | The Landless Workers Movement (MST), founded in 1982, has three objectives: to fight for land, for agrarian reform and for social change in the country.