Campaign Diaries, 2022

Series| From Colombey-les-Deux-Églises to Marseille, the photographer travelled across France to capture the atmosphere of the presidential campaign for four weeks.

Odyssey, 2022

Série| Rip Hopkins gives a funny and sensitive photographic account of the odyssey he shared with all the inhabitants involved in the life of Corbeil-Essonnes. An account of a more or less lively journey.

A five-year term of social movements, 2017-2022

Série | A look back at a five-year term of social movements. During Emmanuel Macron's five-year term, Cyril Zannettacci followed the various social movements for the newspaper Libération.

The war in Ukraine, 2022

Série| In western Ukraine, the city of Lviv has been relatively spared by fighting since the start of the Russian invasion. It welcomes the massive flow of displaced Ukrainians who arrive at the train station with the hope of reaching the Polish border and finding refuge there.

War in Ukraine

Series | In the hall of a building, self-defence training is being organised, and the training of civilians in the use of weapons is intensifying.

The Fifth Republic, 2020-2022

Series | Depuis son adoption par référendum en 1958, la Constitution de la Vᵉ République française et les institutions qui garantissent son respect ont longtemps été rattachées à l’image d’une ère de progrès, d’une France forte et dynamique.

RN89 East-West, 2022

Series | The series "RN89 East-West" gathers a selection of photos taken by Christophe Goussard during his residency in the Massif Central in 2021-2022, like a travel diary of his journey on the mythical road.

Portraits and Testimonies of Ukrainian Refugees, 2022

Series | Portraits and testimonies of five Ukrainian refugees in Poland by the photographer Piotr Wojcik.

At the Polish-Ukrainian Border, 2022

Series | As Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine, half a million people have already fled their country in five days only, according to the ONU : the number of refugees continues to grow. At the end of February Polish photographer Piotr Wojcik went to Medyka, the largest border crossing between Poland and Ukraine, to document the arrival of exiles

Ukrainian refugees, 2022

Series | The number of Ukrainian civilians heading for the exodus has been increasing since 24 February.