Hollywood in Spain, 2021

Series| Once upon a time, the largest movie open-air set in Europe.

In the hell of Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2021

Series| Pushed back with difficulty by American strikes, the Taliban have left thousands of explosive traps in their path. While foreign aid is becoming increasingly scarce, families have to choose between fleeing at the risk of mines or hiding in improvised refugee camps in the Afghan desert.

Ecuador - Born Among Oil, Jungle and Development, 2021

Series | In the Amazon, the Coca region is the entry point to the Ecuadorian forest and the Waorani lands, one of the thirteen indigenous peoples recognized by Ecuador.

Portraits of Personalities, 2019-2021

Selection of French and international personalities’ portraits shot between 2019 and 2021 by Franck Ferville.

Migrants Stories, 2021

Series| Syria, Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Mediterranean Sea, migrants' stories around the world.

Silenciar, 2021

Series | This series explores meticulously the shapes of nervous and tortuous bodies mired in a thick veil.

Australia - Homily to Country, 2021

Series | Homily to Country draws attention to the ecological decline of the Darling River (Baaka), Australia’s third longest river, caused by intensive water extraction due to irrigation, climate change and drought.

Transition of Power, 2021

Série | These photos are a result of stepping back to analyze the entire scene from this historical and unique 2021 U.S. Presidential inauguration.

CMN Villers-Cotterêts Castle, 2020

Series | Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has a carte blanche to follow and document the evolution of the site, futur heart of the French language.