Rio Grande Do Sul underwater, 2024

Série | In South of Brazil, the state of Rio Grande Do Sul is suffering the consequences of the greatest natural disaster to hit the region. Since the beginning of May 2024, heavy flooding affected 90 % of the land, leaving millions of people devastated.

D-Day Landing beaches, 2024

Series| On the eve of the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps travelled to Normandy to photograph the landing beaches.

Île Brésil, 2013 - 2023

Série | Here lies part of the Brazilian enigma, in this country where light illuminates as much as it obscures, where the idea of resistance is understood in an ambiguous duality : a force for movement but also an obstacle to change.

My body is political, 2024

Série | Vincent Catala follows the daily lives of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, between artistic performances, visibility events and more intimate moments captured in everyday life.

Maria Cool, 2021-2024

Series| A series on the variations offered by a fruit tree in the Belgian countryside, as the seasons go by.

Ukraine: Two years of war

Series | February 24, 2024 marks the two-year anniversary of the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin's Russian troops.

Taking Care, 2018-in progress

Series | "Taking Care" is a documentary work in progress about the Belgian public hospital.

Frozen Frontline, 2023

Série | Continuing his work on the armed forces in Arctic regions, Louie Palu documented the annual Kontio 22 military exercise taking place in Finland, a territory marked by growing geopolitical instability.

Mono no Aware, 2023

The expression Mono no Aware refers to the emotion as the emotion that seizes us when faced with inanimate objects or transitory nature: with this series, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac delicately underlines the fragility of things and their melancholy.