Australia - Homily to Country, 2021

Series | Homily to Country draws attention to the ecological decline of the Darling River (Baaka), Australia’s third longest river, caused by intensive water extraction due to irrigation, climate change and drought.

Transition of Power, 2021

Série | These photos are a result of stepping back to analyze the entire scene from this historical and unique 2021 U.S. Presidential inauguration.

CMN Villers-Cotterêts Castle, 2020

Series | Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has a carte blanche to follow and document the evolution of the site, futur heart of the French language.

Parisian Wanderings, 2020

Series | To take an image when there is nothing left to photograph, when the tension falls and the mind awakens.

A Rare Stone, 2020

Series | Aurelio Hernández, a ranch laborer, rides through the dusty emptiness of the Patagonian plateau in search of a lost sheep, he runs into a huge object sticking out of the naked land.

The Real Edges, 2020

Series | On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the end of the conflict in Bosnia in 2020, The Real Edges extends and completes the first photographic work by Adrien Selbert on Srebrenica.

Cidade Bolsonaro, 2020

Serie | In the 2018 presidential election, far-right President Jair Bolsonaro scored his best national result here: 93% of the vote.

La Créole, 2020

This series is an assigment for the newspaper Libération. The photographer Adrien Selbert was photographed the 1 year of the collective “LA CREOLE” at the Club Le Chinois in Montreuil.