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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Ferhat Bouda

Between Sahara and Sahel, in the surroundings of the cities of Agadez and Abalak, in the center of Niger, live some Tuareg tribes who have chosen to resist the use of new technologies, and cultural assimilation. They are still semi-nomadic, but only move their camps twice a year and a few kilometers away, depending on the rise of the water in winter.

Livestock farming is their main source of income. However, since the 1960’s, many men have left the villages to work in the city in order to...

On the Edge of Afghanistan
Serie : Andrew Quilty

From 2018-05-26 to 2018-09-23
Exhibition : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Ma couleur révélée
From 2018-06-22 to 2018-09-02
Exhibition : Ouka Leele
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Bruno Boudjelal
Apprendre à voir.
Prendre position.

On the Edge of Afghanistan In Nimruz, a South-West province of Afghanistan, more than 200.000 Afghans have crossed the Iranian border in 18 months in spite of Taliban attacks, kidnapping dangers and extreme climate. It is their only hope for a better future. The region is located at the...


Juan Manuel Castro Prieto visited the museums, the Louvre and the Musée d\'Orsay in Paris, the Prado and the Musée Thyssen in Madrid for a long-term project. He photographed the works there, and yet his images have no documentary vocation, they are not mere reproductions. No duplication, but a...


She wanted to be a painter. But she saw in photography another way to wonder about figuration. Then, at the death of Franco, in a very particular moment in the history of Spain, she invented a perfectly original modality of the image. \"She integrated, in a natural way, into the \"movida\" that...

7 sessions de Septembre 2018 à Mars 2019
Pour ce workshop intensif de 6 mois, Bruno Boudjelal, photographe et commissaire d’exposition, et Martine Ravache, historienne et critique de la photographie, s’associent pour vous proposer un cursus original où s’imbriquent une réflexion sur votre regard et un...

Le Festival du Regard
From 2018-06-08 to 2018-07-08
Exhibition : Claudine Doury
A new Silk Road (Kazakhstan)
Serie : Davide Monteleone
Bacha Posh: girl inside, boy outside
Serie : Loulou d'Aki
Entretien avec Jane Evelyn Atwood (France Inter)
Jane Evelyn Atwood

From her first black and white photographs taken in 1990 in the USSR to her latest series The New Man, the Festival du Regard looks back over more than twenty-five years of a career devoted largely to the theme of adolescence. After studying journalism in the 1980s, Claudine Doury worked as a...


As the world's leading economic power, the People's Republic of China, through its President Xi Jinping, launches in 2013 the Yi Dai Yi Lu Initiative ("Belt and Road Initiative"), a gigantic investment programme in road, rail and maritime infrastructure to be built in Southeast Asia, Central Asia,...


In all-girls Afghan families, young girls are called "Bacha Posh" when they are transformed into boys and raised as such until puberty. In Afghanistan, it is a widespread practice for families that only give birth to girls to choose to raise one of them as a boy, to enable her to enjoy the...


Emission L'heure Bleue de Laure Adler "Jane Evelyn Atwood, la curieuse" « Si l’artiste avoue être souvent choquée, enragée par ce qu’elle découvre au fil de ses projets, la motivation première est la compréhension de l’autre. Elle se décrit ainsi comme étant "photographe obsessive", avant...

Serie : Denis Dailleux
Serie : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Serie : Pieter Ten Hoopen
Jane Evelyn Atwood et Joan Colom
From 2018-07-02 to 2018-09-23
Exhibition : Jane Evelyn Atwood

An immersion in a council estate in the late 1980’s Started in 1987, this series of black and white portraits began with a meeting in a train : "I was coming back from my village where, during the summer, I had photographed the inhabitants and my great-aunt Juliette. In the train, I met the...


In the middle of the clear waters of the White Sea, in North-West Russia, one can catch a glimpse of the Solovetsky monastery and its impressive walls. It was founded in the 15th century and has taken its name from its surrounding isles. But in the soviet era, it has also hosted one of the most...


Every year, an estimated two million girls give birth before they turn 15. Young girls face the greatest risk of complications from pregnancy and childbirth - yet they are often invisible in statistics and excluded from development interventions. It is estimated that 2 million girls under the...


À vingt ans d’écart, Jane Evelyn Atwood et Joan Colom captent les pulsions urbaines de deux quartiers mythiques autant qu’interlopes de Paris et Barcelone, coeurs battants de ces métropoles européennes, hauts lieux de la prostitution mais aussi destinations touristiques - le Pigalle de la fin des...

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