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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2018-11-08 to 2018-12-08

Galerie VU - Paris (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Agence VU
Group exhibition

Galerie VU’ presents Morceaux Choisis, a selection of prints by Martin Bogren, Aline Diépois & Thomas Gizolme, Pia Elizondo, François Fontaine, Margot Wallard.
In echo to the retrospective that the Fotografiska Museum is dedicating to him and the important monograph published by Max Ström, Morceaux choisis also pays tribute to Lars Tunbjörk, one of Sweden\'s most famous photographers, with a selection of prints including...

Book : François Fontaine
Book : Mahesh Shantaram
Carnet de route à Ispahan
Isabelle Eshraghi
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Guillaume Zuili
Le tirage photographique ou l’alchimie de la finition : le procédé Lith

Avec la série Icônes, accompagnée d’un texte de Nina Bouraoui, François Fontaine poursuit son exploration du 7e art au moyen de la photographie. Cette série de portraits en couleurs de grandes stars féminines et masculines, réinterprétation picturale d’une scène de cinéma, a été réalisée à partir...

Mahesh Shantaram explores the problematic underpinnings of Indian weddings All that is great about a country and all that is wrong with it can be summarised by a single wedding, says Indian photographer Mahesh Shantaram and member of Agence VU. In his documentary work, he mostly studies the...


Un mois après l’annonce par l’administration Trump des sanctions contre l’Iran, la photographe franco-iranienne Isabelle Eshraghi est retournée à Ispahan, sa ville natale, poumon économique de l’Iran. La photographe observe le quotidien des Ispahanais en plein désarroi après les sanctions...

Les 23 (après-midi), 24 et 25 novembre 2018

A view from the side
From 2018-09-13 to 2018-12-02
Exhibition : Lars Tunbjörk
Welcome to the world's northernmost science lab
Paolo Verzone
Mémoire collective. Une histoire plurielle des violences politiques en Guinée
Book : Mahesh Shantaram
Guinean constellation
Serie : Mahesh Shantaram

Fotografiska is hosting the major retrospective on one of Sweden\'s most internationally successful photographers ever, Lars Tunbjörk (1956 – 2015). Curated by his wife filmmaker Maud Nycander and curator and photographer Hasse Persson, the exhibition gathers a wide selection of Tunbjörk\'s entire...


This former coal-mining village is now a leading center of Arctic research

This book is a contribution to the assembly of the Guinean historical puzzle. A collective work that invites us to go beyond the fault lines of the 20th century. Guinean, French and American authors have combined their efforts to gather elements of the history of political violence in Guinea. They...


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Guinea's independence, Mahesh Shantaram, commissioned by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), went to Conakry. The port capital of Guinea, an economic and political center, has a population of nearly two million. Free of prejudice,...

Lars Tunbjörk - Retrospective
Book : Lars Tunbjörk
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
From 2018-11-17 to 2019-01-19
Exhibition : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Guns in America
Il Cretto Grande
Book : Massimo Siragusa

Initially inspired by Swedish masters such as Christer Strömholm, as well as Stephen Shore, Lars Tunbjörk (1956–2015) was one of the great and truly original European photographers. Tunbjörk's international breakthrough came in 1993 with the photobook Country beside Itself. Celebrated by Martin...


Juan Manuel Castro Prieto a construit au cours de ses quarante années de carrière une œuvre d\'une infinie richesse. Par sa maîtrise du tirage et de la prise de vue, notamment à la chambre, jouant avec subtilité de la lumière et du flou comme du noir et blanc ou de la couleur, il met en œuvre sa...


A TIME AND JR PROJECT. 325 million people. More than 265 million guns. 35,000 deaths a year. And one 227-year-old constitutional right. To tell this uniquely American story, TIME partnered with JR, the artist and photographer known in part for his murals around the world that portray...

The sense of suspended times and perfection that radiates from his earlier works places Siragusa's research on Burri's Cretto in a kind of continuity. But new elements are blatantly emerging. As if the impact with Burri's work aroused such strong emotion that it made it possible to determine a...

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