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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2018-02-20 to 2018-05-18

Galerie de la Scam - Paris (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Ferhat Bouda
Depuis sept ans, Ferhat Bouda documente en noir et blanc la vie des Amazighs et participe à la lutte contre l’assimilation et l’oubli auxquels ils sont assignés. Ne s’inscrivant pas dans la logique d’État-Nation, les Amazighs (ou Berbères, terme qui signifie « homme libre ») occupent un vaste territoire qui s’étend des côtes atlantiques du Maroc jusqu’à l’oasis de Siwa en Égypte. Singulière et plurielle, la culture...

On the Edge of Afghanistan
Serie : Andrew Quilty
Le bel aujourd’hui
From 2018-02-03 to 2018-04-30
Exhibition : Denis Darzacq
Book : Ad Van Denderen
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Martina Bacigalupo
Développer un projet documentaire. Préciser son écriture photographique. avec la participation de Marie-Pierre Subtil (revue 6 mois)

On the Edge of Afghanistan In Nimruz, a South-West province of Afghanistan, more than 200.000 Afghans have crossed the Iranian border in 18 months in spite of Taliban attacks, kidnapping dangers and extreme climate. It is their only hope for a better future. The region is located at the...


Denis Darzacq, photographe originaire de l\'Yonne, expose ses clichés à l\'Orangerie, dans lesquels il questionne la place de l\'individu dans la société, son rapport à l\'autre et au monde. Comment vivre aujourd\'hui dans cette société d\'images quand on en est privé, quand on est...

For almost 25 years Ad van Denderen has been photographing daily life in Israel and the Palestinian territories. He originally worked in black and white, in a classical, direct, reportage style. About 15 years ago he switched to colour, and since then he has employed a more detached and monumental...

Les 2, 3 et 4 Mars, 9 et 10 Juin, 22 et 23 Septembre 2018
Comment développer un projet documentaire à la fois ample dans son propos et précis dans ce qu’il donne à voir ? Quelle écriture photographique est à même de rendre compte de son sujet tout en permettant à l’auteur de déployer un style qui lui est propre ?...

Aline Diépois et Thomas Gizolme - Abstrakt Zermatt & White Isles of the South Sea 2/2
Interview : Agence VU
Yamal, the edge of the earth
Serie : Davide Monteleone
Strange beauty from Soviet sanatoriums
Serie : Claudine Doury
The Boys of Afghanistan’s Ski Fields
Serie : Andrew Quilty

Second part of Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme's interview. The authors talk about their work and two series Abstrakt Zermatt and White Isles of the South Sea, exhibited at Galerie VU', until March 03th, 2018.


The remote Yamal Peninsula, whose name means “the edge of the earth”, stretches from the Northern Siberia to Kara’s sea, beyond the Arctic Circle. In this large region live the Nenets, one of the greatest nomadic people among the 26 ethnic groups from this Russian province. This people...


Oil baths, Radon mineral water massage, thalassotherapy at the edge of the Black Sea are the cure centers’ specialties – also called sanatoriums – in Naftalan, Kolkhida and Tskaltubo, respectively based in Azebadjian and in Georgia. Built from the twenties, these establishments have known...


It’s in 2009 that the inhabitants from the small Afghan village of Aub Bala, or High Water in Balochi, saw what skis were like for the first time. A man and a woman working for the an international organization had come to the province, better known for its Taliban-destroyed stone Buddhas, to map...

Aline Diépois et Thomas Gizolme - Abstrakt Zermatt & White Isles of the South Sea 1/2
Interview : Agence VU
Smoke & Mirrors
From 2017-11-17 to 2018-02-10
Exhibition : Guillaume Zuili
Land of The Undefined Territory
Serie : Munem Wasif
Népal. Épiphanies du quotidien
Book : Frédéric Lecloux

Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme talk about their work and two series Abstrakt Zermatt and White Isles of the South Sea, exhibited at Galerie VU', until March 03th, 2018.


\"To impress these complex sentiments that combine contemplation and decoding, comprehension and reverie, Guillaume Zuili resorts to the most photographic aspect in image production: the print. This provides a salutary reminder that a photograph only exists in virtual and ephemeral form—the most...


Munem Wasif’s has photographed a blurred boundary between Bangladesh and India with a dispassionate and systematic approach that mimics investigation, topographic study, geological survey or a simple aesthetic search. Unlike his other works with personal intimacy and humanistic vision, this one...

Nepal. Epiphanies of the Everyday Nepal is most famous for its extraordinary geography, yet the everyday life its inhabitants is played out elsewhere. Since 1994, Frédéric Lecloux has been documenting its upheavals and tumultuous history, right up to the earthquake in 2015 and the mass...

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