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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Adrien Selbert

The cold snap which sweeps across Western Europe these days has been pounding the East since several weeks. It particularly threatens the migrants trying to get to the countries within the Schengen area.

Adrien Selbert went to Belgrade where a thousand migrants try to survive in an abandoned factory behind the train station of the capital city of Serbia. By minus 20°C, huddling together to warm up, and only having simple blankets and wood fire, the conditions of living are way below the...

Amélie Landry / Laurent Gaissad - Les chemins égarés 1/2
Interview : Amélie Landry
Se mettre au monde (Into the World)
Story : Steeve Iuncker
La Traversée des apparences
From 2017-01-12 to 2017-01-26
Exhibition : Bruno Boudjelal
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Jean-François Spricigo
VU'WORKSHOP : De l’émotion de la prise de vue à la construction de l’image

In the first part of the interview, Amélie Landry reviews the beginning of the project together with Laurent Gaissad, socio-anthropologist and author of the texts included in the book edited by Le Bec en l'air. At Galerie VU', from January 20th to February 18th, 2017.


Adolescence is a crack. A natural gap during the development of a being in a quest of meaning. Through my photographic serie, I want to show the persistence of rites, of risk-taking, that highlight the attempt of redefining the existence. My work aims for an interrogation of a fragile,...


French photographer from Algerian origin, Bruno Boudjelal practices photography as a way of life that constantly interrogates his own identity and confronts us with ours. When his father decided to return to Algeria, he accompanied him and discovered at once a country, a family, a world crossed by...

Les 17, 18 et 19 Février 2017
Un photographe doit se positionner : veut-il montrer "objectivement" ou s’exprimer sur ce qu’il montre – et assumer ainsi sa singularité ? Dans ce workshop, nous explorerons la seconde proposition. Pour cela, nous nous baserons essentiellement sur des exercices de...

Book : Denis Dailleux
Unknown #2
Book : Stéphane Duroy
Again and Again
From 2017-01-06 to 2017-04-09
Exhibition : Stéphane Duroy
Les chemins égarés
From 2017-01-20 to 2017-02-18
Exhibition : Amélie Landry

Denis Dailleux est célèbre pour le portrait inédit et passionné de l’Égypte qu’il élabore depuis plus de quinze ans. En quête de nouveaux espaces de création, il se rend aussi régulièrement au Ghana depuis 2009. Les pêcheurs du port de James Town, ancien quartier d’Accra, la...

UNKNOWN #2 - THE ENDLESS REWORKING OF A BOOK. In 2007, Stéphane Duroy published Unknown, an anthem to anonymous rebels and people in exile. A few years later, he remade the book by tearing the pages of the original edition and once the new version was completed, he repeated this method over the...


What if Stéphane Duroy’s work was an exile? After forty years of obsessive wandering in the footsteps of old Europe as far as the United States, Stéphane Duroy today seems pushed by a wind of renewal, towards a photographic praxis taken ever further from itself. L’Europe du silence, a...


Des paysages d’Europe Occidentale. Des causses, des étangs, des dunes littorales, des sous-bois, des buis, des graminées. Une nature qui semble avoir repris le dessus sur une civilisation détournée ou réfutée que rappellent un blockhaus, une centrale hydroélectrique, une usine...

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