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Photographers, where are they ?

Interview : Agence VU

Monika Macdonald talks about her work and exhibition "In absence".
At Galerie VU', until October 22nd 2016.

Patrimoines Revisités
From 2016-09-17 to 2016-12-31
Exhibition : Paolo Verzone
The Moscow Project (1991-2011)
From 2016-09-09 to 2016-09-11
Exhibition : Albert & Verzone
Into the world
Steeve Iuncker
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Cédric Gerbehaye
VU'WORKSHOP : Documentary Photography:
To commit with your story

Newly listed as UNESCO Wolrd Heritage, the city of Reims gave a carte blanche to five international photographers including Paolo Verzone. He made portraits in situ of figures whose existence and activity are involved in various ways in heritage destiny. Vernissage and opening on the occasion of...


Between 1991 and 2011, every ten years, the Italian duo Albert & Verzone portrayed Muscovite passersby by using the same process and by settling in strategic places of the city of Moscow.


For several years, photographer Steeve Iuncker studied the passage from childhood to adulthood, examining the lack of clearly-identified rites in our secular societies. His pictures capture the acts of teenagers as they affiliate themselves with reckless rites. Risk-taking, seeking oblivion as a...

October 28th, 29th and 30th 2016
May it be for the here or the elsewhere, when one photographs in the form of documentary, several steps are to be undertaken, which is what this Workshop will scrutinise and analyse in depth. From the very first location spotting to a true understanding of what is at stake...

Insert Coins
Book : Christian Lutz
Congo in Limbo, D\'entre eux
From 2016-09-17 to 2016-09-25
Exhibition : Cédric Gerbehaye
Book : Anne Rearick
VU' Politics
Agence VU

In Las Vegas, everything seems possible, indifference above all. "Insert Coins is a blues" in the words of the author. Its pace is melancholic and dark, intertwined with a poem that makes the unacceptable watchable, injecting humanity where the die is definitely cast. Christian Lutz shows a...


Cédric Gerbehaye is the guest of honor of the photo-report festival “Le Barrobjectif” for which he is presenting two series. The first one, “Congo in Limbo”, is a photo essay realized between 2007 and June 2010 about the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is showing the complexity of this...

I have been working as a documentary photographer for nearly thirty years. Over the past decade I have photographed life in the townships of Langa, Khayelitsha, Philippi and Mitchell's Plain outside of Cape Town, South Africa. My work there began during a Guggenheim Fellowship year for my...


On November 2016, The United States of America will elect its 45th President. French voters will be called to the polls on Spring 2017 in order to elect the President of the French Republic. Two elections that VU' photographers are already covering. VU' Politics is the new VU' website,...

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