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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Cyril Zannettacci

It took several additional days after the speech of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, but the containment measures necessary to fight the Covid-19 outbreak were finally imposed in France and in Paris.

Little by little, the streets of the capital emptied out: the strollers along the banks of the Seine, the traffic jams on Rue de Rivoli and Place de la Concorde, the tourists arriving by busloads to admire the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero...all gone.
Museums, monuments, markets,...

Sinking Ship
Book : Kyle Thompson
D’îles en lune
Book : Maia Flore
Dispositions covid-19
News : Agence VU
Résidence photographie, trouver une approche personnelle d'un territoire : le récit audio-visuel
Photography Workshop
in Malbosc (Ardèche)
with Bruno Boudjelal

In Sinking Ship, Kyle Thompson investigates the potential history of a locational muse, a now-deserted town in the American grasslands. Through an investigative study of the remaining objects, and a correspondence with those now living alone in similarly abandoned towns, Thompson creates a series...

Photographs of Saint-Malo capturing the impermanence of the place, accompanied by poetic texts. From her meeting with Saint-Malo Maia Flore has retained the impermanence of the place. What still exists? What remains in time? The ever-changing lights, the sea and the movement of the tides form a...


The entire VU' team is now teleworking and remain of course operational and can be reached by email and telephone as usual (see Contacts section). Online search and downloads remain of course active: The content will continue to be updated: our photographers will continue to inform you -...

Du 4 au 10 mai 2020
Au fil d’une résidence intensive de sept jours en Ardèche, cette formation propose à des photographes de s’initier aux enjeux de la captation sonore et du montage image-son à travers la réalisation de diaporamas photographiques. Pour cela, les stagiaires seront accompagnés...

Covid-19: Frankfurt lockdown
Serie : Ferhat Bouda
At home
Serie : Magali Lambert
Memory Lane
Book : Guillaume Zuili
True West
Book : Anne Rearick

For the past few weeks Ferhat Bouda has been chronicling the Covid-19 situation on the streets of his home town, Frankfurt am Main. Compared to Italy, Spain or even France, the sanitary situation in Germany is still under control and the Länder remain independent in the decision-making...


This series was started by Magali Lambert on the first day of containment related to the Covid 19 virus epidemic. She applied herself to consider on a daily basis what surrounded her not only as common or decorative objects, but as symbols that carry elsewhere. They are the protagonists of her...

« C’est en 2017 que je découvre Corbeil, où le festival l’Œil Urbain présente mon travail Smoke and Mirrors », commence Guillaume Zuili. « En arrivant dans la ville, l’architecture si particulière m’a saisi d’un coup. Des bâtiments industriels du début du siècle dernier étaient là, en plein...

" Il y a presque un siècle, ma arrière grand-mère, Maggie May Jones a quitté l’Oklahoma, pour Boise en Idaho avec mari et enfants, dans une roulotte qui contenait la plupart de leurs biens. La tête pleine de rêves. Trois générations plus tard, je naîs. Les souvenirs des étés passés auprès de mon...

Book : Claudine Doury
On the sino-russian border, life and businesses are frozen by the coronavirus.
Serie : Davide Monteleone
Tokyo's streets after the Coronavirus outbreaks
Serie : Philippe Brault
Book : Denis Dailleux

Amour diaries photographer Claudine Doury thirty year quest along the banks of the Amur River in Russia. She journeyed along its banks in 1991, 1997 and 2018, making images that meet together in this book. As generations pass, the surroundings of the river shift and the traditions of the...


Until the virus arrived, Blagoveshchensk - located on the right bank of the Amur river, 600 meters from the border with China - benefited from the intensification of trade relations with China. But since the Russian border bordering China has been closed, the consequences have been disastrous for...


Philippe Brault was in Tokyo at the beginning of March, at a pivotal time when the Covid-19 virus is already circulating around the world but the containment measures we know today have not yet been taken. Despite the presence of the virus in the peninsula as early as January, the number of...

Un portrait sensible et malicieux de la vie paysanne à travers la longue complicité entre un photographe et sa grand-tante. Dans le village d’enfance du photographe Denis Dailleux, en Anjou, vivait une femme de caractère, véritable personnage de roman : Juliette, sa grand-tante, décédée en 2007...

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