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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Raphaël Neal

The self-portraits from this series share one key similarity: they are related to the production and the direction of Raphaël Neal’s first feature film, Fever, released in theatres in October 2015. After fighting for years to make his movie, Raphaël needed to work alone again and imagined characters appearing in the wrong place at the wrong time: a thief on a deserted beach, a somnambulist on the seashore, a “Lady of Shalott” on a boat marooned on the mainland…

Shooting self-portraits for...

She dances on Jackson
From 2020-01-09 to 2020-03-28
Exhibition : Vanessa Winship
Ultimo Sur
Book : Rodrigo Gomez Rovira
Pachamama, minors in Bolivia
Serie : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Identifier son projet photographique, en concevoir le développement et la présentation
Photography Workshop
in Paris
with faux

\"There is something incredibly beautiful and yet deeply disturbing about America... that curious and inevitable loneliness and melancholy created by the quest for the American dream. \"Vanessa Winship In 2011, Vanessa Winship was awarded the Henri Cartier-Bresson Prize, which allows a...

Ultimo Sur takes the reader on a journey to the end of the world combining Rodrigo Gómez Rovira’s photographs with the ones of his grandfather who moved to Tierra del Fuego in 1938 after Chile’s great land reforms. Nearly forty years later, the next generation fled to France to escape the...


In Bolivia, nestled in the Andes Mountains, the cities of Oruro, Popoó, Uyuni and Potosi are home to many mining dating back to colonial time, that continue to support the inhabitants of a region threatened by poverty. Juan Manuel Castro-Prieto went to meet the population to understand their way...

Du 27 février au 26 mars 2020
Aider les auteurs-photographes à identifier, développer et communiquer la singularité de leur démarche, tel est l’objectif de l’atelier conduit par Pascal Philippe, dont la visée est de faire progresser les photographes professionnels (ou en voie de professionnalisation)...

Book : Pierre-Elie de Pibrac
Denis Darzacq
From 2020-01-11 to 2020-04-05
Exhibition : Denis Darzacq
Saint-Malo « d\'îles en lune »
From 2020-03-02 to 2020-04-26
Exhibition : Maia Flore
Book : Denis Dailleux

Desmemoria constitue un témoignage à la fois photographique, anthropologique et social sur la communauté des azucareros de Cuba – travailleurs de l’industrie du sucre et révolutionnaires de la première heure. Pierre-Elie de Pibrac a vécu près d’un an en immersion chez diverses familles cubaines...


The exhibition at the Centre d\'art contemporain de la Matmut presents a selection from the series : La Chute and Hyper which oppose two realities without digital manipulation, Act and Act II which invite reflection on the complexity of the individual, beyond the assigned and reductive status of a...


Each year, two confirmed artists, a photographer and a writer are in residence in Brittany (3 years / 3 cities) to create a work on the theme \"dreamed territory\". The work (about 30 images and texts) is exhibited in the public space of the partner city and is the subject of an art book published...

Un portrait sensible et malicieux de la vie paysanne à travers la longue complicité entre un photographe et sa grand-tante. Dans le village d’enfance du photographe Denis Dailleux, en Anjou, vivait une femme de caractère, véritable personnage de roman : Juliette, sa grand-tante, décédée en 2007...

Book : Bernard Descamps
The Lido, behind the scenes
Serie : Serge Picard
Australia, a season in hell (Fires in Australia)
Serie : Andrew Quilty
Sinking Ship
Book : Kyle Thompson

Le nouveau livre de Bernard Descamps, intitulé natura, en hommage aux premiers essais naturalistes de l’antiquité, est le fruit d’un patient travail, d’une longue quête d’images de la nature. Non pas des images spectaculaires du bout du monde, mais des images simplement touchantes, de la nature qui...


Every year, half a million visitors from all over the world come to admire the artists of the famous Parisian cabaret located on the Champs-Élysées, inaugurated in 1946. Serge Picard has slipped into the backstage area of the Lido where 300 people work in teams to prepare each performance. In...


Since September 2019, Australia continues to burn under a series of particularly destructive and deadly fires. For Australian writer Richard Flanagan, "these fires will be our climatic Chernobyl". Photographer Andrew Quilty travelled between December 2019 and January 2020 to the places most...

In Sinking Ship, Kyle Thompson investigates the potential history of a locational muse, a now-deserted town in the American grasslands. Through an investigative study of the remaining objects, and a correspondence with those now living alone in similarly abandoned towns, Thompson creates a series...

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