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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2019-09-17 to 2020-09-16

Cité de l'image de Clervaux - Clervaux (LUXEMBOURG)
Exhibition by François Fontaine
To enter the pictorial world of François Fontaine, there is no way around the Big Screen and film.
Cinematography works with a collection of animated images, whereas its cousin photography is based on the static image. But both media rely on
a common source: light.
Light fuels the universe. It braves this deep and anonymous space with its creative force. The look to the stars arises from every man’s desire to discover the origin of all...

La curieuse
Book : Françoise Huguier
Ultimo Sur
Book : Rodrigo Gomez Rovira
Memory Lane
Book : Guillaume Zuili
Formuler sa démarche photographique et concevoir son portfolio
Photography Workshop
in Paris
with faux

Depuis une quarantaine d’années, Françoise Huguier est une rapporteuse d’images reconnue. Des images capturées dans les coulisses des défilés de mode, dans les bagages d’un reportage au Japon, dans les limbes de l’Afrique fantôme, dans les soutes de la Sibérie, dans les arrière-boutiques de la...

Ultimo Sur takes the reader on a journey to the end of the world combining Rodrigo Gómez Rovira’s photographs with the ones of his grandfather who moved to Tierra del Fuego in 1938 after Chile’s great land reforms. Nearly forty years later, the next generation fled to France to escape the...

« C’est en 2017 que je découvre Corbeil, où le festival l’Œil Urbain présente mon travail Smoke and Mirrors », commence Guillaume Zuili. « En arrivant dans la ville, l’architecture si particulière m’a saisi d’un coup. Des bâtiments industriels du début du siècle dernier étaient là, en plein...

Du 3 septembre au 15 octobre 2020
Apporter aux photographes conseil et soutien éditorial pour formuler, développer et communiquer la teneur de leur démarche photographique, tel est la proposition de l’atelier conduit par Pascal Philippe. L’ambition est de faire progresser les photographes dans...

At home
Serie : Magali Lambert
Looking around
Agence VU
The world’s curiosities of Françoise Huguier
From 2020-06-30 to 2020-10-11
Exhibition : Françoise Huguier
From 2020-09-05 to 2020-10-25
Exhibition : Claudine Doury

This series was started by Magali Lambert on the first day of containment related to the Covid 19 virus epidemic. She applied herself to consider on a daily basis what surrounded her not only as common or decorative objects, but as symbols that carry elsewhere. They are the protagonists of her...


Launch of the website dedicated to the collective project of VU' photographers As you may have seen on social media since March 19th, many VU' photographers are documenting the lockdown, wherever they are. For more than a month now, all those singular glances are nourishing this collective...


In reference to her photographic work, Françoise Huguier is presenting a selection of unusual, poetic objects she has gleaned throughout the world. The exhibition is designed like a travel journal. “I keep these objects—sources of inspiration for my photographs—at my home like a travel...


Portrait(s) - Le rendez-vous photographique de Vichy Entre l’enfance et l’âge adulte, l’adolescence déploie ses clairs-obscurs. Depuis vingt ans, Claudine Doury sonde les abîmes d’une saison de la vie chahutée de doutes, percluse d’ennui, étoilée d’embrasements soudains. Elle réunit pour la...

Serie : Cyril Zannettacci
Protests in memory of George Floyd in San Francisco
Serie : Darcy Padilla
Saint-Malo « d\'îles en lune »
From 2020-03-02 to 2020-06-21
Exhibition : Maia Flore
True West
Book : Anne Rearick

What happens when our horizon is narrowing? When, in a world where we have become used to have elsewhere at our fingertips, the street corner becomes the new frontier? For several weeks, when he wasn't working as a reporter, or photographing with a medium format camera the streets of Paris...


The image of George Floyd dying strangled under the knees of the policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on the last 25th of May, deeply affected the world and revived a lively protest movement worldwide against racism and the multiple violence police that still exist. Since the 31th of May, San...


Each year, two confirmed artists, a photographer and a writer are in residence in Brittany (3 years / 3 cities) to create a work on the theme \"dreamed territory\". The work (about 30 images and texts) is exhibited in the public space of the partner city and is the subject of an art book published...

" Il y a presque un siècle, ma arrière grand-mère, Maggie May Jones a quitté l’Oklahoma, pour Boise en Idaho avec mari et enfants, dans une roulotte qui contenait la plupart de leurs biens. La tête pleine de rêves. Trois générations plus tard, je naîs. Les souvenirs des étés passés auprès de mon...

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