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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Guia Besana

Norland nannies have become a global status symbol of the wealthy – the export of a single British school in Bath. The students are dressed in modestly updated uniforms from the one donned by their 1892 counterparts, but the people who wear them are considerably different.

Norland College was founded by Emily Ward in the Victorian era, who built a brand favored by British aristocrats and royals, and latterly the international wealth of oligarchs and sheiks.

Today’s Norland nannies commit...

Memory Lane
Book : Guillaume Zuili
Loulan Beauty
From 2020-10-13 to 2020-12-20
Exhibition : Claudine Doury
Les Océans
From 2020-10-09 to 2020-11-29
Exhibition : Anita Conti
Réaliser un projet photographique à long terme
Photography Workshop
in Paris
with Claudine Doury

« C’est en 2017 que je découvre Corbeil, où le festival l’Œil Urbain présente mon travail Smoke and Mirrors », commence Guillaume Zuili. « En arrivant dans la ville, l’architecture si particulière m’a saisi d’un coup. Des bâtiments industriels du début du siècle dernier étaient là, en plein...


As part of the exhibition \"Femmes d\'un monde à l\'autre\", the city of Gif-sur-Yvette presents \"Displaced, Femmes en exil\" by Marie Dorigny and \"Loulan Beauty\" by Claudine Doury, \"two series that unite and come together here to give hope, to try to keep barbarity at bay\". \"By small...


For its 5th edition on the theme of \"Extraordinary journeys\", the Festival du Regard presents an exhibition by Anita Conti, as part of the \"\"Gares & Connexions\" partnership. Anita Conti is an exceptional woman. Writer, photographer and the first woman oceanographer, she has established...

Du 24 octobre 2020 au 30 mai 2021
Stage photo longue-durée à Paris
Forte d’une expérience pédagogique qui l’a amenée à faire émerger de nombreux talents, Claudine Doury vous accompagnera dans la réalisation d’un projet photographique, de sa conception à son exposition, au fil d’un stage qui se...

Boite noire - Canal +
Françoise Huguier
From 2020-10-10 to 2020-10-31
Exhibition : Ricard Terré
North Korea, from Pyongyang to Rason
From 2020-10-09 to 2020-11-29
Exhibition : Davide Monteleone
Book : JR

Françoise Huguier, photographe, a apporté quelques-unes de ses "curiosités" ramenées du monde entier. BOITE NOIRE est une collection de petits films unique, très identifiable grâce à leur décor à géométrie variable et à leur fond commun : accueillir des artistes reconnus ou émergents qui nous...


NICEPHORE + Clermont-Ferrand International Biennial of Photography Ricard Terré, born in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) in 1928, died on October 29, 2009 in Vigo, is a Spanish photographer famous for his photographs of Catholic processions. After taking courses at the School of High...


For its 5th edition on the theme of \"Extraordinary journeys\", the Festival du Regard is exhibiting the series of Davide Monteleone\'s work made during a trip to North Korea. Several times a month, a train crosses North Korea. from Pyongyang, the capital, to the border of China and Russia, in...

In October 2019, French artist JR created a unique work within the California Correctional Facility: Tehachapi, a level 4 maximum security prison. JR and his team collected the testimonies, stories and portraits of former and current incarcerated citizens who focus on their rehabilitation, as well...

From 2020-09-05 to 2020-10-25
Exhibition : Claudine Doury
D’îles en lune
Book : Maia Flore
Chili, “Approval“
Serie : Rodrigo Gomez Rovira
From 2020-09-11 to 2021-01-10
Exhibition : Nolwenn Brod

Portrait(s) - Le rendez-vous photographique de Vichy Entre l’enfance et l’âge adulte, l’adolescence déploie ses clairs-obscurs. Depuis vingt ans, Claudine Doury sonde les abîmes d’une saison de la vie chahutée de doutes, percluse d’ennui, étoilée d’embrasements soudains. Elle réunit pour la...

Photographs of Saint-Malo capturing the impermanence of the place, accompanied by poetic texts. From her meeting with Saint-Malo Maia Flore has retained the impermanence of the place. What still exists? What remains in time? The ever-changing lights, the sea and the movement of the tides form a...


On 18 October 2019, numerous demonstrations are being organised in Chile, following the rise of the price of metro tickets in Santiago. More than a million people descend into the streets in the following days. President Sebastian Pinera declares a state of emergency in the country and deploys the...


For its 4th edition around the theme \"This is the end\", the Biennale de Photographie de Mulhouse proposes, within the exhibition \"Ce noir tout autour qui semble nous cerner\" at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, \"Le Temps de l\'immaturité\", a series in progress by Nolwenn Brod. This project,...

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