Dans le creux, 2022-2023

Series | They wait in a square, as they do every day, to receive the food aid parcel offered by an association. They include families, single men and women, the elderly and students.

California Dreamin' 2023

Series | A long-term project on homelessness in California documents people on the wrong side of the profound social and economic divide.

War in Ukraine, 2023

Series | On June 4th, the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive to retake the territory from the Russian occupying forces began.

Night life, 2022

Série | With Night life, Marin Driguez plunges us into the world of the night. From the underground to the posh clubs, via festivals, the party is declined and reinvented over the course of the evening.

Taking Care, 2018-in progress

Series | "Taking Care" is a documentary work in progress about the Belgian public hospital.

Guardians, 2023

Series | The role of the guardians, though omnipresent in our society and recently revealed as indispensable, is far more complex than it seems.

Jack in the Green, 2023

Series | In the town of Hastings, in the south-east of England, the Jack in the Green Festival takes place every year during the May Day weekend.

Dark Souvenirs, 2023

Series | As I was travelling for assignments or personal projects, I began to systematically look for these souvenirs of trips: Chernobyl and its snowball of the catastrophe; Putin declined in several forms through time; Bin Laden after 9/11.