Impulses, 2021

series | This series is a reflection on visual pleasure. On the power of images to awaken desire and passion.

Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro 2021

series| Away from the noise and violence of the Brazilian megalopolis, Rio de Janeiro's botanical garden is home to 22,000 plants and trees from all over the world, as well as numerous animal species.

Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban, 2021

series| On 15 August 2021, the Taliban entered Kabul. The Afghan capital has returned to the hands of the insurgent group after 20 years of American presence, after a rapid advance that nothing and no one was able to stop.

Portrait of Camargue, 2021

Series| From Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to Arles, through the Camargue Regional Natural Park, from the Aigues Mortes salt flats to the rice farms, photographer Paolo Verzone spent a year in the Camargue, an astonishing region where water and land are one.

The Samaritaine, 2021

Series | Since 2013, the photographer Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has been following the progress of the titanic restoration project of The Samaritaine, in the heart of Paris.

New Waves, 2021

Series | Heat waves, floods, tornadoes, advancing of deserts… The disasters that populate our imagination and make us shiver with pleasure in science fiction scenarios are increasingly intruding into our reality.

Hollywood in Spain, 2021

Series| Once upon a time, the largest movie open-air set in Europe.

In the hell of Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2021

Series| Pushed back with difficulty by American strikes, the Taliban have left thousands of explosive traps in their path. While foreign aid is becoming increasingly scarce, families have to choose between fleeing at the risk of mines or hiding in improvised refugee camps in the Afghan desert.

Ecuador - Born Among Oil, Jungle and Development, 2021

Series | In the Amazon, the Coca region is the entry point to the Ecuadorian forest and the Waorani lands, one of the thirteen indigenous peoples recognized by Ecuador.

Migrants Stories, 2021

Series| Syria, Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Mediterranean Sea, migrants' stories around the world.