A priestess under the Arctic Circle, 2022

Series | It is not every day that people get to see a priestess strap on a rifle after celebrating mass. Nevertheless, this does not come as a surprise for the people of Longyearbyen the northernmost inhabited center in the world, in the Svalbard archipelago.

Kurdistan, life under trees

series| In the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, every tree has a story and every village has its own myths and legends about trees. But bombing and illegal felling are increasingly threatening the trees and the centuries-old traditions linked to them.

Tangiers, at the crossroads of Europe and Africa

series | The American writer Paul Bowles called it the "Dream City" in his Memoirs of a Nomad. Unloved under the reign of King Hassan II, the third Moroccan city in terms of population has regained its place in the Cherifian kingdom, and is experiencing a new economic, cultural and tourist revival.

Kenya, climate change, 2021

series | Cyril Zannettacci went to Kenya, in the Isiolo region, to witness the consequences of climate change in an already extreme environment. Locust invasions, drought, as well as floods have recently increased in the country.

Chad, climate change, 2021

series | The Kanem region of Chad - and more broadly the southern Sahel - is increasingly affected by drought and the subsequent water stress.

Nothing to Write Home About, 2021

series | "Nothing to Write Home About" is a series of self-portraits exploring the loss and subsequent redefining of home. Straddling the line between mundane and absurd, each image deconstructs a personal experience and depicts the photographer's understanding of home as a place of both comfort and turbulence.