Eden, 2024

Série | For two months, François Fontaine traveled through Japan from South to North, following the spring blossoms of the land.

Hôtel Ukraine, 2024

Série | The Hotel Ukraine, located in the center of Kiev, is set to close its doors after having been the silent witness to the entire history of the Ukraine since the Second World War.

The cadets of Odessa

Série | In the city of Odessa, once a hub of maritime trade, the port is now deserted.

Sea Beach, 2020-2024

Série | Beaches around the world have their own self-contained cultures, a natural mix of the local traditions with what tourists bring to offer. It is how beaches develop their distinct personality and Cox’s Bazar - the world’s longest natural sea beach located in Bangladesh - has one to call its own.

Rio Grande Do Sul underwater, 2024

Série | In South of Brazil, the state of Rio Grande Do Sul is suffering the consequences of the greatest natural disaster to hit the region. Since the beginning of May 2024, heavy flooding affected 90 % of the land, leaving millions of people devastated.

D-Day Landing beaches, 2024

Series| On the eve of the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps travelled to Normandy to photograph the landing beaches.