God Will Open the Sea, 2022

Series | In Rabat, a place where old and new migrants meet, house churches are emerging. A few dozen faithful meet to pray, discuss and exchange on life projects in and outside Morocco.

Presidential elections in Brazil

Série | For the daily newspaper Le Monde, Francisco Proner followed the presidential elections from the launch of the campaigns to the victory of President Lula on October 30.

Déplacé.e.s, 2022

Série | In 2022, JR displayed huge portraits of children affected by war on the ground of big cities in several different countries, starting with Lviv, Ukraine.

New York City Waters, 2022

Série | Decades of industrialization and pollution had driven people, animals and birds away from the coasts of New York. Today, the city's inhabitants are returning to the sea.

Sea Beach, 2020-2022

Series | Beaches around the world have their own self-contained cultures, a natural mix of the local traditions with what tourists bring to offer. It is how beaches develop their distinct personality and Cox’s Bazar - the world’s longest natural sea beach located in Bangladesh - has one to call its own.

Sinomocene, 2014-2021

Series | As the world’s leading economic power, the People’s Republic of China, through its President Xi Jinping, launches in 2013 the Yi Dai Yi Lu Initiative (“Belt and Road Initiative”), a gigantic investment program in road, rail and maritime infrastructure to be built in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.