The world of feathers, 2022

Series | Feathers have become instruments of knowledge, travel, and openness to the world, but also a rediscovery of the treasures of the craft. From feather duster to haute couture, from cabaret to taxidermy, the traveling feather crosses continents.

Dear Soldier, 2022

Series | On the 9th of December, 2022 : Le Monde's journalist Ariane Chemin and Guillaume Herbaut found a hundred letters sent by Russian students to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. The letters reveal the propaganda orchestrated by Moscow.

Gabinete de curiosidades, 2022

Series | Composed of objects loaded with symbols in the places of his childhood, now abandoned and almost in ruins, the images of Gabinete de Curiosidades explore the personal universe of Juan Manuel Castro Prieto.

Spitzbergen, 2015-2022

Series | A document on the little known role of scientists who come to observe and try to understand global climate change on the small Norwegian island of Spitzbergen, in the town of Ny Alesund, 1000km from the North Pole.

Border workers, pendular lives, 2022

Series | The social crisis linked to the end of the steel industry has left Lorraine economically drained region whose workers have had no choice but to turn to neighboring Luxembourg. An immersion in in this region, to draw up the outlines of a typology of border workers.

The lost sailors, 2022

Series | A testimony on the daily life and the difficult working conditions of the fishermen of Boulogne-sur-Mer, who live at the rhythm of the fishing seasons and the twists and turns of the Franco-British agreements.

The Island of Saudade, 2014-2022

Series | A long-term immersive work in Brazil, focusing on the margins of the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, which paints a portrait of a country riddled with doubts and disenchantment.

Political billboards, 2022

Series| Vincent Catala documents Bolsonarist propaganda billboards featuring the far-right candidate's campaign themes during the 2018 presidential election in Brazil.

Vicenta, 2022

Série| A collaboration with transgender artist Vicenta Perrotta on a confrontation between normalized and transphobic places in the Brazilian public space and transgender corporality.