New York City Waters, 2022

Série | Decades of industrialization and pollution had driven people, animals and birds away from the coasts of New York. Today, the city's inhabitants are returning to the sea.

Sea Beach, 2020-2022

Series | Beaches around the world have their own self-contained cultures, a natural mix of the local traditions with what tourists bring to offer. It is how beaches develop their distinct personality and Cox’s Bazar - the world’s longest natural sea beach located in Bangladesh - has one to call its own.

Sinomocene, 2014-2021

Series | As the world’s leading economic power, the People’s Republic of China, through its President Xi Jinping, launches in 2013 the Yi Dai Yi Lu Initiative (“Belt and Road Initiative”), a gigantic investment program in road, rail and maritime infrastructure to be built in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Illusion, 2022

Series | This series is a reflection on painting and photography. Two arts that echo each other by the symbolic, emotional and aesthetic dimension they convey.

Taking Care, on going

Series | "Taking care" is a documentary work in progress about the Belgian public hospital.

Hotel Rosewood / Citade Matarrazo, São Paulo, 2022

Série | This "forest tower", designed by architect Jean Nouvel and decorated by Philippe Starck, stands in the heart of the Bela Vista district, on the space previously occupied by the Matarazzo maternity hospital, a famous Paulist hospital that saw the birth of more than 800,000 children during the 20th century.

Flights, Mata Atlantica, 2022

Série | An escape into the heart of the Mata Atlantica, the primary forest that begins a few dozen kilometers from the megalopolis of São Paulo and stretches for 300 kilometers to the coast of the state of São Paulo, before flowing into the ocean.

Odyssey, 2022

Série| Rip Hopkins gives a funny and sensitive photographic account of the odyssey he shared with all the inhabitants involved in the life of Corbeil-Essonnes. An account of a more or less lively journey.

A five-year term of social movements, 2017-2022

Série | A look back at a five-year term of social movements. During Emmanuel Macron's five-year term, Cyril Zannettacci followed the various social movements for the newspaper Libération.