Mayotte, The Qadis of the Republic, 2022

Series | The Qadis ("judges" in Arabic), lawyers specialising in the Muslim personal code, play an important role in Mayotte society. Although the island is now part of France, the cadis continue to play an auxiliary role in the justice system. Ludovic Carème's series explores this particular configuration.


Filigranes Éditions


Fiiligranes Éditions - 2023


Editions Le Bec en l'air - 2022
France, Vincennes, 11 avril 2016 Portrait de Michel Serres, French writer, philosopher, epistemologist and member of the French Academie.

Prises de tête, 2021

series | Selection of personalities' portraits made between 2013 and 2021.

Carnet de route à Ispahan, 2018

FILM l One month after the Trump administration announced sanctions against Iran, French-Iranian photographer Isabelle Eshraghi returned to her hometown of Esfahan.