Fiiligranes Éditions - 2023
France, Vincennes, 11 avril 2016 Portrait de Michel Serres, French writer, philosopher, epistemologist and member of the French Academie.

Prises de tête, 2021

series | Selection of personalities' portraits made between 2013 and 2021.

Carnet de route à Ispahan, 2018

FILM l One month after the Trump administration announced sanctions against Iran, French-Iranian photographer Isabelle Eshraghi returned to her hometown of Esfahan.

WhyDoYouVote?, 2017

INSTALLATION VIDÉO l Un projet de Bruno Boudjelal et Rodolphe Risse

Teatro d'Italia, 2017

VIDEO l By looking at these images, one by one, we can see that they are - almost all - adapted to theatrical actions. I do not imagine them populated by daily life, but repopulated by different performances.

Extra-ordinary, 2012

series| Rip Hopkins went to meet shopkeepers and professionals who have a doorstep.

An age of iron and concrete, 2010

series | Something happened when Rip Hopkins went to Musée de la Préhistoire, the most unknown, the less accessible, the most 'ancient' in France.