Interview of Françoise Huguier - Radio program "À voix nue" (France Culture)

7 décembre 2022 | "Françoise Huguier, la liberté dans l'objectif." A series of interviews proposed by Caroline Broué.
She is one of the greatest living French photographers. A traveler who has crisscrossed the planet with her camera, from Siberia to Mali via Japan.

Interview of Françoise Huguier - Radio program "Vision(s)"

29 November 2022 | Interview of Françoise Huguier, conducted by Aliocha Boi, 2022.
In this interview, Françoise Huguier talks about her tendency to be "off-topic", of her eclecticism, of her curiosity, which she proudly proclaims. She talks about her childhood, her beginnings as a young photographer in Paris, her career in fashion and photojournalism, and her numerous trips, particularly to Africa.

Interview of Michaël Zumstein - Radio program "Par les temps qui courent" (France Culture)

24 novembre 2022 | Interview of Michaël Zumstein, conducted by Marie Richeux.
A few days after the beginning of the World Football Cup in Qatar, a meeting with the photographer Michaël Zumstein for his book Aka Zidane published by Images plurielles.

From Ukraine: This is war - Conference with Stéphane Duroy and Guillaume Herbaut

November, 22, 2022 | A talk by Stéphane Duroy, Guillaume Herbaut and Michel Poivert, on the occasion of the exhibition "From Ukraine: This is War."

Parler à ceux que l’on n’écoute jamais!

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