God Will Open the Sea, 2022

Series | In Rabat, a place where old and new migrants meet, house churches are emerging. A few dozen faithful meet to pray, discuss and exchange on life projects in and outside Morocco.

Presidential elections in Brazil

Série | For the daily newspaper Le Monde, Francisco Proner followed the presidential elections from the launch of the campaigns to the victory of President Lula on October 30.

The river ran black, 2020-2022

Series | My father grew up in these narrow valleys surrounded by mountains, where the river ran black and where the sound of the siren announced the descent of the workers into the depths of the Earth.

Déplacé.e.s, Mauritanie, 2022

JR se rend dans un camp de réfugiés à Mbera, et y dévoile le portrait du jeune Jamal imprimé sur une bâche de 45 mètres de long, que les adultes et les enfants de Mbera l’aident à porter à travers le paysage désertique.

Déplacé.e.s, Rwanda, 2022

En 2022, JR se rend dans le camp de réfugiés Mugombwa, en Ukraine, et y révèle le portrait géant de Thierry, déployé avec l’aide des habitants.

Déplacé.e.s, Valeriia, 2022

peu après le début de l’invasion de l’Ukraine par les troupes russes, JR se rend à Lviv, en Ukraine, pour dévoiler le portrait géant de Valeriia, une réfugiée de 5 ans.

Déplacé.e.s, 2022

Série | In 2022, JR displayed huge portraits of children affected by war on the ground of big cities in several different countries, starting with Lviv, Ukraine.

New York City Waters, 2022

Série | Decades of industrialization and pollution had driven people, animals and birds away from the coasts of New York. Today, the city's inhabitants are returning to the sea.

Sinomocene, 2014-2021

Series | As the world’s leading economic power, the People’s Republic of China, through its President Xi Jinping, launches in 2013 the Yi Dai Yi Lu Initiative (“Belt and Road Initiative”), a gigantic investment program in road, rail and maritime infrastructure to be built in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.