The war in Ukraine, 2022

Série| In western Ukraine, the city of Lviv has been relatively spared by fighting since the start of the Russian invasion. It welcomes the massive flow of displaced Ukrainians who arrive at the train station with the hope of reaching the Polish border and finding refuge there.

War in Ukraine, 2022

Series | In the hall of a building, self-defence training is being organised, and the training of civilians in the use of weapons is intensifying.

Toxic Tour, 2021

Multimedia | Toxic Tour : Philippe Brault is director of photography of the documentary series directed by Anne-Lise Carlo and produced by Squawk and ARTE France

The Fifth Republic, 2020-2022

Series | Depuis son adoption par référendum en 1958, la Constitution de la Vᵉ République française et les institutions qui garantissent son respect ont longtemps été rattachées à l’image d’une ère de progrès, d’une France forte et dynamique.

Portraits and Testimonies of Ukrainian Refugees, 2022

Series | Portraits and testimonies of five Ukrainian refugees in Poland by the photographer Piotr Wojcik.

Ismail Ferdous for Blind Magazine - The Road to Exile, in the Eyes of Ukrainian Refugees

Publication | Ismail Ferdous made a report for the magazine Blind on the daily life of Ukrainian refugees beyond the borders of their country.

Ukraine, in the silence of the trenches

Series| Report produced for Le Figaro Magazine "In the Ukrainian Donbas, the spectre of war is resurfacing in the face of threats from the Russian giant and in a tense diplomatic context."

Ukraine, from Independence Square to the Donbas, 2013-2022

Serie| Since 2013, Guillaume Herbaut goes to Ukraine to cover the war between the supporters of a country turned towards Europe and those who are attracted by its Russian component.

Bringing Albert Home, 2022

Film | Roger, Colette and Nicole embark with determination on an impossible mission: to bring back to France the coffin of their beloved older brother...