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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Agence VU

In December 1989, one month after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Romania was in the final hours of Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. After weeks of struggle and protest, this last stronghold of Stalinist communism was overthrown on 21 December 1989 by a coup d'état.

Photographer Manuel Vimenet travelled to Bucharest to capture images of the events that followed the fall of the regime.

In the palace square, which has become the site of many anti-Ceausescu rallies, demonstrators and...

From 2019-10-15 to 2019-12-31
Exhibition : François Fontaine
Book : Denis Dailleux
Serie : Raphaël Neal
Mettre en lumière des objets
Photography Workshop
in Paris
with Quentin Bertoux

An icon is an image, an object of contemplation. It is the archetype, the primitive and ideal near perfection model. May it be secular or religious, an icon is as obsessive as it is fascinating. Movie stars are admired and desired, they are rich and powerful, they make us dream yet remain...

Un portrait sensible et malicieux de la vie paysanne à travers la longue complicité entre un photographe et sa grand-tante. Dans le village d’enfance du photographe Denis Dailleux, en Anjou, vivait une femme de caractère, véritable personnage de roman : Juliette, sa grand-tante, décédée en 2007...


The self-portraits from this series share one key similarity: they are related to the production and the direction of Raphaël Neal’s first feature film, Fever, released in theatres in October 2015. After fighting for years to make his movie, Raphaël needed to work alone again and imagined...

Du 13 au 16 février 2020
« Prenons un peu de lumière et versons-la sur la table, que nous puissions la voir, la comprendre et l’admirer.» Avec Quentin Bertoux, la lumière entre en scène. Élément essentiel de ses compositions photographiques, elle vient donner vie aux objets, les mettre en...

August Song
From 2019-11-07 to 2019-12-14
Exhibition : Martin Bogren
Ultimo Sur
Book : Rodrigo Gomez Rovira
Pachamama, minors in Bolivia
Serie : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Book : Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

La Galerie VU’ expose August Song, une série inédite de Martin Bogren. Cet ensemble s’inscrit dans la continuité d’Italia en révélant l’évolution d’une écriture photographique qui trouve son point d’acmé. Se déprenant de l’approche plus documentaire de ses séries précédentes (Ocean, Lowlands ou...

Ultimo Sur takes the reader on a journey to the end of the world combining Rodrigo Gómez Rovira’s photographs with the ones of his grandfather who moved to Tierra del Fuego in 1938 after Chile’s great land reforms. Nearly forty years later, the next generation fled to France to escape the...


In Bolivia, nestled in the Andes Mountains, the cities of Oruro, Popoó, Uyuni and Potosi are home to many mining dating back to colonial time, that continue to support the inhabitants of a region threatened by poverty. Juan Manuel Castro-Prieto went to meet the population to understand their way...

Desmemoria constitue un témoignage à la fois photographique, anthropologique et social sur la communauté des azucareros de Cuba – travailleurs de l’industrie du sucre et révolutionnaires de la première heure. Pierre-Elie de Pibrac a vécu près d’un an en immersion chez diverses familles cubaines...

Bangladesh, standing on the edge
From 2019-11-08 to 2019-12-28
Exhibition : Munem Wasif
True West
From 2019-11-16 to 2020-01-16
Exhibition : Anne Rearick
Sinking Ship
Book : Kyle Thompson
North Korea, from Pyongyang to Rason
Serie : Davide Monteleone

Munem Wasif\'s documentary photography looks at people at the margins of society, left by the wayside, ignored, forgotten or oppressed. His topics range from migration to climate change to urban life. In this exhibition, Munem Wasif has taken on serious issus in his native Bangladesh and exposed...


« Il y a presque un siècle, ma arrière grand-mère, Maggie May Jones a quitté l’Oklahoma, pour Boise en Idaho avec mari et enfants, dans une roulotte qui contenait la plupart de leurs biens. La tête pleine de rêves. Trois générations plus tard, je naîs. Les souvenirs des étés passés auprès de mon...

In Sinking Ship, Kyle Thompson investigates the potential history of a locational muse, a now-deserted town in the American grasslands. Through an investigative study of the remaining objects, and a correspondence with those now living alone in similarly abandoned towns, Thompson creates a series...


Several time a month, a train go through North Korea from Pyongyang, the capital, to China and Russia border, in the coastal city of Rason. Davide Monteleone took this train to photograph the everyday life of inhabitants and the little-known landscapes. Travel from Pyongyang to Rason is an...

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