Yves Gibeau's presbytery, 2005

Multimedia Products | At the end of the eighties, five years before Yves Gibeau's death, Gérard Rondeau arrived at his place unnannounced with an amateur movie camera, asking him to show him his presbytery room by room.

913, 2004

Multimedia | On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Dieppe raid, Quebec artist Bertrand Carrière installed 913 male portraits over the course of an entire day.

28mm Portrait d'une génération, 2004

Armed with a 28mm lense and with the collaboration of Ladj Ly he shoots full frame portraits of young people from this neighbourhood and the nearby district of La Forestiére in Clichy sous Bois...

Juliette et le photographe – Bande-annonce, 2004

Une histoire d’amour qui n’en finit pas s’expose en Une de Libération, de l’Express...
Depuis quinze ans, Denis Dailleux, photographe à l’Agence VU, a fait de sa grande tante Juliette, son modèle préféré.

Parfum de Lumière, 2002

His many photographic explorations in Hong Kong and Shanghai have led Serge Clément to combine the Chinese metropolises, first in a book titled Fragrant Light...

Expo 2 rue, 2001-2004

JR began his career as a teenage graffiti artist interested in making his mark on public space and society.

Vacuum & Water, 2001

Film made on a proposal by Pascale Houbin on the occasion of the creation of Mito.

Rebeyrolle, a Painter Diary, 1999

Multimedia Product | Deceased the 7th February 2005 at the age of 78, Paul Rebeyrolle was one of the most important French painters of his generation. Gérard Rondeau made this film between 1994 and 1999. It was the first time Rebeyrolle accepted to be filmed at work, in the secrecy of his atelier.

Everything Went Wrong, 1996

Multimedia Product | Featuring Zlatko Dizdarevic, former chief editor of the newspaper Oslobdenje and diplomat, author of among others "A war journal" and "The silence and nothing surrounding" (Actes Sud)

Racleurs d’océans

Multimedia | From July to December 1952, Anita Conti went with 60 men to the banks of Newfoundland to observe and witness the "great profession" of cod fishing.