Lutte au crépuscule, 2013

Multimedia | A short film made with the participation of the wrestlers of Skol Gouren Brest (SGB).

Zero Position, 2022

Films | Canadian filmmaker and photographer Louie Palu's "Zero Position" offers a stark snapshot of war’s devastation in Eastern Ukraine.

Toxic Tour, 2021

Multimedia | Toxic Tour : Philippe Brault is director of photography of the documentary series directed by Anne-Lise Carlo and produced by Squawk and ARTE France

Bringing Albert Home, 2022

Film | Roger, Colette and Nicole embark with determination on an impossible mission: to bring back to France the coffin of their beloved older brother...

Paper & Glue, 2021

Multimedia | Official trailer of the documentary "Paper & Glue"

Ukraine: a photographer's travel diary, 2021

Multimedia | 10 episodes that relate the work of Guillaume Herbaut in Ukraine.

Carnet de route à Ispahan, 2018

FILM l One month after the Trump administration announced sanctions against Iran, French-Iranian photographer Isabelle Eshraghi returned to her hometown of Esfahan.

Une caravane en hiver, 2020

Film | In a small town of South Morocco, sheltered by a camping, some modest French pensioners move in every winter...

Ivory Coast: When Police Rob, 2020

Film | Ivory Coast is trying to get rid of the rampant corruption in its police force. A military court in Abidjan tries to crack down on police officers that exort their victims, knowing full well that the issue is wide-spread and systematic.