Ukraine: a photographer's travel diary, 2021

Multimedia | 10 episodes that relate the work of Guillaume Herbaut in Ukraine.

Carnet de route à Ispahan, 2018

FILM l One month after the Trump administration announced sanctions against Iran, French-Iranian photographer Isabelle Eshraghi returned to her hometown of Esfahan.

Une caravane en hiver, 2020

Film | In a small town of South Morocco, sheltered by a camping, some modest French pensioners move in every winter...

Ivory Coast: When Police Rob, 2020

Film | Ivory Coast is trying to get rid of the rampant corruption in its police force. A military court in Abidjan tries to crack down on police officers that exort their victims, knowing full well that the issue is wide-spread and systematic.

Ultimo Sur, 2020

Multimedia | In the 1990s that Rodrigo Gomez Rovira decided to return to Chile, in search of his origins and the history of his family.

Afghanistan After America, 2020

Multimedia Products | At the end of 2020, Andrew Quilty launched a podcast platform, "Afghanistan after America", offering testimonials, conversations and analyses...

Show Reel, 2020

SHOW REEL | This video is a compilation of various commissions, made by photographer Adrien Selbert...

The Real Edges, 2020

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the end of the conflict in Bosnia in 2020, The Real Edges extends and completes the first photographic work...