Camden, New Jersey, 2010

Absurd, all I did was search the web for the most dangerous city in the USA. I wanted to find that strange energy given off by places where rules and social constraints have been abolished or weakened.

Is obesity a fatality?, 2009

Multimedia Product | In a world where we are putting on weight, too much, much too quickly, “The big issue” wishes to explain without any Manichaeism, the origins of this real plague of modern societies.

Women Are Heroes Paris Exhibition, September 2009

When he proposed the Women are Heroes project in Africa, Asia and South America he promised to the women he met to take their story around the world.

D’aurore, 2009

The photographs were taken at dawn in twelve cities on four continents at the beginning of the 21st century.

La vida Loca, 2009

Multimedia Product | La Vida Loca" reflects a depressing and hopeless reality. The documentary, by photojournalist and filmmaker Christian Poveda...

Kommunalka (extrait), 2008

Multimedia Product | “Kommunalka” takes place in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg. This way of life, intimately linked to the Soviet history of Russia, is still accurate.

Journey to the end of coal, 2008

Multimedia Product | Journey to the end of coal” is the pilot for a series of documentary instalments exploring the potential of new media. This format offers a complete photographic work on Chinese coal mines, enriched by sound recordings and videos taken on the spot.

Face2Face Project – Israël, Palestine, 2007

For this project, portraits of Israelis and Palestinians are pasted face to face, in monumental formats on both sides of the wall and in several Palestinian and Israeli cities.

Meet Me at The Gare, 2006

« VUʼ à Paris » is a collective project of a contemporary glance of VUʼ Photographers inviting to a new perception of todayʼs Paris.

Alianov, Word From a Russian, 2005

Multimedia Products | Alianov is a 16 mm short film in black and white shot in fixed shots. Alianov is a man who lived on the streets of Geneva a few years ago.