Chiloé, La Cruz del Sur

There is an old Chilean saying that "Nothing ever happens in Chile". Since Pinochet's coup d'état, this is no longer tenable, although it seems that in the Chiloé archipelago, 1100 kilometers south of Santiago, time has largely stood still. Brigitte Grigent visited this group of islands for seven years. She recorded the Chilotes while there was still time. The result is the story of a people who believe in ghost ships, witches, God and the power of the community.

To the Last Path

Produced between 1999 and 2004, "To the Last Path" is a series of Polaroids collected by French photographer David Sauveur revealing all the singularity of Jerusalem, between fragility and radiance, suspension and flow of time.

Prises de têtes

Serge Picard presents "Prises de têtes", a selection of his commissioned portraits made in the fields of music, arts, cinema, show business or literature.

Fils de roi

By practicing an apparently calm photography, incredibly demanding, crossed by permanent doubts, Denis Dailleux has patiently built for fifteen years an unpublished portrait of Egypt, with which he maintains a loving relationship.

La Ve

Through the ups and downs of political and social life, La Ve questions the representation of the French Republic today.

Jean-Louis : Vivre et mourir du Sida

In 1987, Jane Evelyn Atwood photographed Jean-Louis and followed him for four months before his death. Jean-Louis was the first person with AIDS in Europe who agreed to have his story published in the press.


Jane Evelyn Atwood approaches Haiti without prejudice, with a view that she wants to rid of any prior influence. Her work is a radical break with the imagery of violence and misery that the news regularly imposes to evoke this Caribbean country.

Extérieur Nuit

Over a period of ten years, Jane Evelyn Atwood visited schools for the blind in France, Australia, Israel, Japan and the United States. The photographer, fascinated by the visual, became fascinated with these young blind people who cannot see and wanted to capture their evolution in a sighted world.

Trop de peines

For this work, Jane Evelyn Atwood visited forty prisons in nine European countries and the United States, where the number of women in prison has doubled since the 1980s. This dive into the world of women's prisons leads us to take a fresh look at women, crime and incarceration.

Rue des Lombards

Rue des Lombards is Jane Evelyn Atwood's first photographic reportage, produced in black and white, in a simple, effective and sensitive style.