Harlem sur Seine, 1988

Serie | Stéphane Duroy worked for a year on the African community in Paris, its customs and way of life.

The Blind, 1988

Over a period of ten years, Jane Evelyn Atwood entered the blind schools of France, Australia, Israel, Japan and the United States. The photographer, fascinated by the visual, has a passion for young blind people who can’t see.

Argentina, Children Hospital, (1986-1988)

Adriana Lestido made this report for two years, in order to document the daily lives of children in hospitals in Argentina.

The rooms of love, 1984-1987

The Chambers of Love setting had been ready for quite a while, ever since The Last Supper photo (1981). I was ready for the alchemy of burning and emptiness.

Fort Nieulay, 1987

Series | This report was commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts and the Centre de Développement Culturel de Calais. It was produced as part of the operation of Social Development of the suburbs carried out by the City of Calais on the Fort Nieulay district.

Sahara, 1987

Series | The sensual and magnificent desert of Bernard Descamps is the culmination of a long-term project on spaces that crosses all the photographer’s production.

Chroniques d’un portraitiste, 1986

Gérard Rondeau made dozens of portraits. These women and men are photographed motionless, as if slowly. Rondeau gives them time to get used to his presence and, if possible, to forget its indiscretion.

Horses, 1985

Through Black and White pictures and square format, the envy of framing and creating movement inside the square, she manages to balance the natural rigidity.

Belgian Competitions, 1985

From the documentary photography, Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt was led to collaborate widely with the press and very early on he began his personal work with ensembles dedicated to the "Belgian Competitions".

The probable evolution of time, 1981-1984

In the winter of 1981, after a magnificent snow-fall, I made The Blazing Snow, the last of my staged scenes with dummies.