Jean-François Campos

“And to wander through intimate wonders,

And to leave. 

It might just be that. To leave, the written tracks, predestined paths, miles and miles rehashed, to discover, freedom, and to fly, away, to reach the sky, the head in the clouds.

From the first lights, the magical silhouettes of shadows dancing on the ceiling of my childhood bedroom, with their heads upside down, in my own personal intimate camera obscura, to those recents of the winter rainbows, crossing the sky like a sword in the ice, and seen from my coonfined window, on this side of the world, in exile in an exiled new world to be, or to the lights of ancient memories of intimate deserts, the landscapes of my childhod dreaams, The Valley of Monuments, sighing with time under the burning the sun, maybe, it is just about that, the ultimate goal, a particular crossing, to leave them, the roads of all the written roads, the boring conventions.

It is a journey, from a world of realities, to worlds of fantasy. A journey in pictures, like those of the Panini thumbnails* that child I pasted in the playground, dreaming of unknown horizons. An intimate, mysterious journey, without any real meaning except mine, from pole to pole, etiolated fragments of stardust, the shooting stars, flying away, always, drifting with them, and loving them, loving.

There is no truth in the heart of these gleaned images, but only the image of my innermost truths, of a scorch hert. The desirables myths of satisfied desires, intimate secrets, open to the wind, and the soul wanders sowing the pebbles on my conficted paths, to rejoin, to renew, endlessly, the buried ages, and to look from afar at tomorrow, and to live the present, and to live.

And my gaze takes me, to the new worlds.


New York, NY

21 Avril 2021




American Photography 30, in the editorial portrait category (USA)

For the portrait of Mary Ann Schoettly, a woman ordained priest


Awards for LVMH – Corporate Awards (France)

With the campaign “Les Journées Particulières”


HSBC Foundation for Photography (France)


Moins Trente Award from the Centre National de la Photographie (France)