The Samaritaine, 2021

Since 2013, the photographer Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has been following the progress of the titanic restoration project of The Samaritaine, in the heart of Paris.

His images, which testify to each phase of the construction site, are integrated into the Samaritaine’ photographic collection, which is already filled with pictures from the period of its construction at the beginning of the 20th century.

“From the blonde stone of the oldest parts to the glass pavers and the great perspectives structured by the metal pillars, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps explores the Samaritaine’s Department Stores, empty like the bowels of a large ship opening onto the river and the city. In carefully choosing his distances and frames, he has noted both the signs that remain of a past activity and the magnitude of the spaces that breathe deeper and deeper as one ascends. ”

– Christian Caujolle

Overview of the site, 2013

In construction 2015

In construction 2016

In construction 2017

In construction 2018

In construction 2019

Reopening 2021