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Jose Saramago's books' Portugal and Spain

It is not true: the journey never ends. Only travellers stop. And even them, they can get back to it through memories and stories.() Go back to the steps they already took, take them again and go new ways. Repeat the journey. Again and again. The traveller always go back to the road. (J. Saramago)

Jose Manuel Navia tells through pictures the story of writer Jose Saramagos Portugal and Spain, from four of his novels and a travel book he wrote.

Lifted off the ground and Journey to Portugal cover the provinces of Alentejo and Tras-Os-Montes, two of the most authentic ones of Portugal. The pain and struggles of its inhabitants have always been present among Saramagos work. In The year of the death of Ricardo Reis , the author brings one of Fernando Pessos pseudonyms to life and includes the city of Lisboa in the story, as another character. He also treated the convent of Mafra in The Memorial of the Convent and the Iberian peninsula including the Spanish province of Granada which he sees as The Stone Raft , drifting away from Europe.

The five works of Jose Saramago, insatiable traveller, and the provinces he describes, come to life through Jose Manuel Navias pictures, who followed in the footsteps of the portuguese writer.

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