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Inside South Africa's townships - 2004

17 years after the abolition of Apartheid, the gap between black and white South-Africans is far from being bridged over.

Since 2004, Americain photographer Anne Rearick documents the daily life in the township of Capetown’s suburb. She follows
in Langa and Khayelitsha, the people affected by misery and social exclusion. Regularly, Anne Rearick returns to testify on a difficult situation which doesn't seem to evolve over the years. An unweary witness of this inescapable fact, she strives to show the human relationships forged in this environment, and which help making life a little easier.

Captown suburbs’ inhabitants are predominantly Xhosas, originating from the east coast of the country. This part of the population suffers from the breakdown of the education system and in order to survive, most of them have to take on jobs as house staff or as casual laborer.

These six years of work in the townships reflect an undeniable implication of the photographer with the population. Even if the vision expressed through these images is not optimistic, it is also made of happy moments and shown with a lot of respect.

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