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California, Scrapmetal

Lost in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert, it is here that the American dream ends.
With ten kilometers of dirt road until the first town, a break in the sky reveals the last resting place for the former glories of the American automobile industry.

The several square kilometers yard is fenced in by the crushed and shredded remains of the cars themselves. However, we couldnt simply wonder onto the grounds. We must wait for a guard whose sole responsability it is to open the gate in exchange for a mobile home for shelter and a bit of money to feed himself. The couple who lives there was homeless before moving in the desert. A few cars still running are their only means to leave this place.

Here, life is punctuated by the rhythm of trailers unloading the crumpled corpses of Americans cars. Some of them date as far back as the 1970s. Mostly coming from Los Angeles, the drivers themselves lay the wrecks on the earths sloped ground, thus forming the wall. Piled one upon another, these mythic cars seem to create a fortress, as though they are preparing for a hypothetical attack.

In the Far West where the desert sands claim all, the U.S. auto industry that once carried the whole country now seems to have created only a cemetery.

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