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Ikea City, Sweden

Sixty years ago, the village's child prodigy, Ingvar Kamprad, was seventeen years old and sold matches. Contrary to the modest trade as Andersen portrays, this will be the starting point of a fabulous empire. Kampgrad quickly founded his own company selling pens, furniture, socks... He names it Ikea, an acronym of his initials, that of his village and that of his farm. The legend is born.

Today, Ikea has 267 stores in 35 countries, with sales figures of 21 Billion euros. The kid selling matches is 83 now, he lives in Switzerland, and enjoys a modest fortune estimated at 33 Billion dollars. The small, cosmopolitan town of Älmhult maintains its quiet life, religiously paced by the company's activity. Out of 8000 inhabitants, 3300 are employed by the King of build-it-yourself furniture. Every day they circulate from the Ikea bank, to the Ikea store, from the Ikea museum to the Ikea factory, before returning home to enjoy a well-deserved rest in their homes, furnished by... Ikea.

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