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The fall of the Berlin wall

On the night of 9-10 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.

"Antifascist protection wall" from the point of view of the GDR, which erected it in August 1961 under Khrushchev, "wall of shame" for the FRG, which inspired Kennedy's famous "Ich bin ein berliner" in 196. The symbol of a Europe divided by the Iron Curtain and a World divided by the Cold War broke under the cameras of the whole world, without any concrete order or instructions, under the pressure of the East - and West - Berlin crowd.
Its fall represents the new openings to come: the reunification of Germany (3 October 1990), the dismantling of the Iron Curtain in Europe (initiated in May 1989 in Hungary), and the dispersion of the USSR (December 26, 1991).

In November 1989, Stéphane Duroy photographs the Fall of the Wall as the epilogue of "this German tragedy" that he had been documenting in West Berlin since 1979: "For the misfortune of the West and, because their destinies crossed paths, Stalin, Rosa Luxembourg and Adolf Hitler made Berlin the capital of pain" (Stéphane Duroy, "Berlin", Filigranes Editions, 2006). Thus the fall of the Wall already calls for the photographing and understanding of another city - "Berlin, an open city" - as well as a new page in European history.

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