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France, Skins Parties

The TV series SKINS, launched by Channel 4 in 2007, in which a group of teenagers from Bristol have extreme behaviours - sex, drug, alcohol - quickly had numerous fans among teenagers in England and abroad, and more and more unbridled parties inspired by the series are organized.

Claudine Doury attended several of these parties. The guests, informed via Facebook, are between 16 and 22 and from all social backgrounds. The organization is perfect : house refurbished for the occasion, bouncer at the entrance, changing room. Sexy outfits, unlimited alcohol, ectasy and poppers, the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed.

The guideline, "no limit", is soon applied : kisses are exchanged on the dance floor, the bouncer asks the partners to continue in the garden when sexual intercourse is imminent. Flavien, 20 : "We let ourselves go here, because there are too many restrictions for the youth." Salamanta, 18, leads a double life, school during the day, Skins parties at night.
In the morning, a few material damage and vomit, scarce bad trips, an alcoholic coma, most of the teenagers are in good shape for a day with the family.
Sarah, 20, law student : "it already existed in 68 with the hippies, maybe during repressive periods we turn to free sex."

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