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Rodeo, Chile

Rodeo is the second most popular sport in Chile, after football. The Huasos playing it are, with the Argentinean Gauchos, the last real cowboys of South America.

Chilean Rodeo has been considered a national sport since 1962. People practice it from one generation to the next to keep the cattle breedings traditions going on. But its an elitist and expensive sport: a good horse can cost more than 40 000 euros.

Huasos cowboys arrive the day before in the village of Retiro, 400 km south of Santiago, to settle and let their horses have a night of rest.
Rodeo starts with horses entering the Medialuna. It stops when the team of two horse-riders manage to control the cow in a precise area of the arena.
When the sun sets, the Chilean flag is left alone waving in the middle of the Medialuna. Cowboys are gone drinking, singing, and dancing the Cueca, the traditional Chilean dance.

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