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Southern Caucasus

At the end of the 80s in the middle of the Soviet Unions disintegration, the Nagorno Karabakh war confronted the Caucasian republics Azerbaijan and Armenia over the annexation of this mountainous region that separates both countries. Armenia won the war and kept Karabakh (an in fact solution that is still not recognized internationally for a war which could break out again at any time) but the irreconcilable hatred between the Armenian people, Christians, and the Azeri, Muslims, who had lived together in both countries without any problems up to then, was already aroused.

The wealth of Azerbaijan is the oil of the Caspian Sea, the wealth of Armenia is the Diaspora. But inland, near the Karabakh border, the poverty of the two countries is clearly manifested. Agriculture (cotton, grain, etc.) and the return to traditional ways of life try to guarantee survival.

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