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Diary of the Niger River (first part)

Timbuktu, nostalgia for a dream
This work is composed of two stories. In the first one, we follow the Niger bend, from Mopti to Gao, sailing the river as it carves the huge arc through the desert by using the mode of transport common in Mali: the pinasses and the large boats operated by the Comanav (Compagnie Malienne de Navigation).
In the second, we make a half-way stopover to stay in the mythical city of Timbuktu and go deep into the desert to Araouan, following the route of the salt caravans.
During the whole journey we follow the traces of the Andaluses (from Muslim Spain) along the Niger River, and especially in Timbuktu: In the 16th century a mercenary army of Moorish and renegade Spaniards expeled and fled the peninsula, conquered the kingdoms of Niger for the king of Morocco. Since then their descendants in Mali are known as arma (weapon in Spanish).

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