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The Poitevin marsh, France

The Poitevin marsh is the ancient Poitou gulf, the equivalent of the Morbihan gulf, 100 000 hectares overrun by the sea with about twenty chalky islands...
Its an area formerly overrun by the Atlantic Ocean at the west, and supply by the Svre at the East...

Nowaday, grounds of the dry out swamp are devoted to extensive cultivation, cereals, corn...and wooded parcels of the wet marsh, called the green Venice, are just accessible by small boats, bottom flat small boats, manoeuvred with oar, or with a 3 metres long alder pole, through big canals and smaller ones. We find private harbours, and furrows cut across grounds for water evacuation...
Today the economical activity of the swamp is tourist and agricultural: cereals, bovine rearing, cultivation of white bean on little parcels, and poplar grove for plywood manufacturing: the Poitevin swamp makes 50% of the French production.

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