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Black Sea : Between chronicle and fiction

The Black Sea is bordered by six countries; Romania and Bulgaria to the west, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia to the north and east and Turkey to the south. Five rivers flow to the Black Sea. Along these river courses, the Danube, the Dneister, the Dnieper, the Don, and the Kuban have flowed a succession of nomadic cultures.
Named Pontus Exinus ("the inhospitable sea"), the Black Sea was navigated and its shores colonized by the Greeks as early as the eighth century before Christ and later by the Romans in the third to first centuries B.C.
From the Crusades and the Ottomans to the recent collapse of the Soviet Union, the Black Sea has witnessed often-tumultuous religious and political change. In the face of countless conquests through the ages, the people of the Black Sea region have endured, and today represent a remarkable mixture of cultures and religions.

It is a story essentially about migration and belonging, about identity. The countries bordering the Black Sea have all had their own complicated histories of conflict and shifting of populations. All the countries on the seas littoral at this point in history are fighting one way or another for their integrity and identity. Today, again, these countries are all experiencing dramatic changes.

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