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Love motels, Chile

Also known as love motels, hotels for couples, apartments, these motels all have the same use : to make it possible for married, unmarried, adulterous couples, people accompanied by a prostitute, or alone, mnage trois or more to satisfy their sexual needs, in all discretion. Open 24 hours a day, these hotels represent a parenthesis during the day or the night, for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of one night. It can cost between 7 and 100 euros, a bit expensive but thats the price to pay for tranquility and a more or less extravagant setting, that often look like a matrimonial bedroom. In Chili, love motels are an institution like the completo (a Chilean hot dog) says Soledad Cortes, TV producer on the national channel. They do exist everywhere in Latin America but in Chile, they are all over. In Santiago, there are a thousand love motels for a population of 6 million inhabitants. Some motels claim to host 30 to 50 couples a day.

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