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Occupied Palestinian territories

The so-called "Agreement of the Century", signed unilaterally by Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will take effect this semester. The "peace plan" for the Middle East marks the year 2020 bringing back the ethnic-territorial conflict that has lasted for 72 years. According to the Israeli government, the plan to “annex” Palestinian West Bank territories has been suspended, however that does not change the fact that the region already has numerous settlements of Israeli military and civilians.

Popular resistance in the West Bank, although it is on the streets daily, receives little media attention and now, in an election year for Trump and Netanyahu, Israeli repression has increased. The neglect of the international community with the escalation of repression symbolizes how the long conflict has already been overlooked by major supranational organizations.

With the escalation of conflicts in the region and contradictory statements by the Israeli government, humanitarian entities warn that the plan will not be effective in pacifying the region.

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