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“Contaminations “ proposes a reflection on irremediable industrials pollutions, transforming for decades, even centuries, territories into areas unsuitable for the development of life. A round-the-world tour of contaminated areas by the men of the 21st century and his chemical or nuclear industries which leaves whole sections of our contaminated planet as a legacy for our future generations.
Anniston in United States, Dzerjinsk in Russia, Fort Chipewyan in Canada, Regencia in Brazil, Fukushima in Japan, “Tierra del Fuego” near Naples, until the middle of the Pacific Ocean, polluted par billion of tons of micro-plastics: so many areas that have become unfit for human development where men, woman and children continue to live at the risk of their health.
Millions of square kilometers contaminated in chemical products, hydrocarbons, radioactivity… and where population presents abnormally cancer rates.

Samuel Bollendorff went to these contaminated places where indifference continues to benefit to the industries while population perish in silence. “Contaminations“ depicts In seven chapters the irreversible ravages of human activity on peoples and on the climate.

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