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Carry On

Carry-On is a new body of staged work on fear of flying.

Nearly 1 in 3 adults are either anxious about flying or afraid to fly and this is what is declared. Before I fly I live countless emotions that Im now familiar with and have shared with so many people in the past years.

Carry-on is about lives and fear: those we are afraid of not living fully, those we entrust to a pilot whom we dont know, those we feel we could suddenly loose without having done all things we dreamt about. It is a work about not being in control of events in a world where people are communicating less as human beings and therefore share less about their weaknesses. In a world where artificial intelligence is taking over and we trust it with eyes closed.

We carry our emotions with our hand luggage and into the airplane, so far from reality and earthly experience, such a perfect place to recall them with your life suspended in the clouds, in a pause from reality but where you feel the attachment to life so crystallized and real and where perspective twists to a deeper place Guia Besana.

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