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Protests in memory of George Floyd in San Francisco

The image of George Floyd dying strangled under the knees of the policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on the last 25th of May, deeply affected the world and revived a lively protest movement worldwide against racism and the multiple violence police that still exist.

Since the 31th of May, San Francisco inhabitants pound the pavement, as well, in memory of George Floyd and to protest against racism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. As in 75 others American cities, San Francisco protesters gathered to claim the murder charge for Derek Chauvin and the three others policemen with him. On the sidelines of the protest, the shops become the target of protest graffiti and degradation and decide to protect themselves under plywood installations. A pacifist rally driven by Simone Jacques, only aged of 17 yeard old, gathered nearly 20 000 persons who claims their anger behind raised fists, American flag in flames and slogans in favor of civil rights. A hundred of Black Lives Matter partisans iterate their tribute to George Floyd kneeling symbolically on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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