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Extinction Rebellion: rebel week in Paris

In Paris and other major cities around the world, a week of civil disobedience actions was organized by Extinction Rebellion, as part of the "October International Rebellion".

Born in the United Kingdom in October 2018, Extinction Rebellion, also named XR, is a movement against ecological collapse. They claim civil disobedience to encourage governments to act against global warming and its consequences. Its under this influence that the movement started to spread and that XR France was created in November of the same year.

The week of October 5, 2019 was chosen for a mass mobilization to communicate and inform the population about environmental issues. Activists from all over France gathered to take over different parts of the French capital. The photographer Cyril Zannettacci followed these days of mobilization which opened with two punching actions:

The occupation of the shopping center Italy 2, chosen for its capitalist symbol, was the place of debates around commercial logic, general assemblies and yoga classes.
Then the occupation of the Place du Chtelet, where the militants neutralized traffic and created a "temporary autonomy zone" in the heart of Paris.

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