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Bates Productions

As a child, RaphaŽl Neal named his imaginary film production company Bates Productions, in tribute to the title character of Alfred Hitchcockís Psycho, Norman Bates. More than ten years before shooting his very first film, he started to produce movie production stillsÖof films that only existed in his mind. Based on the principle of old lobby cards that distributors used to send to movie theatres (generally in batches of eight), most of them were made between 2001 and 2011: A Boyís room (2001) which depicts the daily life of a lonely teenager, Doppelgšnger (2007, with actors Julie-Marie Parmentier and Salim Kechiouche) which tells the story of a woman who fallsin love with two physically similar men, and in AprŤs la vie (2011), RaphaŽl Neal embodies a young man who disappears to then reappear as a fisherman. Each series allows viewers to create their own story around the images.

The Bates Productions were first shown at RaphaŽl Nealíssolo exhibition at the Envoy Gallery in New York in 2007 and were published in 2019 by Editions de líOeil.

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