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Yo soy Fidel - funeral caravan of Fidel Castro

Yo soy Fidel, with these words Cubans gather in the whole country on the path of Fidel Castro's funeral caravan, for a last tribute.

From Havana to Santiago, Fidel's funeral urn went, for a last baroud of honor, on the same way the freedom caravan has taken in 1959.
Being at the core of this historical moment allowed me to see Cubans enthusiasm for the Leader Maximo but also to understand the unfortunate event it had been for others.
What it certain is that the last presence in a huge crowd of the revolutionnary Cuban leader was a mix of emotions and cathartic staging.
Everything was organised with millimetre accuracy by Castro regime and numerous Cubans were called to theire citizen duty and were compelled to pay a special tribute to Fidel. Buildings along the road were quickly repainted, schoolchildren and military students were placed, as the fighters, ahead, the grass was cut with machetes by the roadsides, stones were full of writtings to Castro's glory, the crowd crammed again, under the military police's attentive look.

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