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On the movie set of Camille, Central African Republique

In 2014, Camille Lepage, a French photojournalist based in Bangui, lost her life in unsolved circumstances while covering the conflict between Selekas and anti-Balaka militias in the Central African countryside.
Michael Zumstein had worked alongside the young photographer while also documenting the civil war for the French press. Four years later, he followed the shooting of a film inspired by these tragic events.
Already noticed with Hope, a documentary-like story about African migrants on their way to Europe, the filmmaker Boris Lojkine started his new film production with an almost all-Central African film crew.
Actors, extras, but also chief operators, cameramen and scriptwriters have been formed by the Varan workshop program, an institution renowned for its demanding training in documentary.
If filming is an opportunity to replay scenes still engraved in the collective unconscious of a country wounded by several years of conflict, it acts as a cathartic experience, between a time of grief and an opportunity to express oneself.

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