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Leisure Time

A journey through Italy by sea and land.

Amusement parks, cruise ships in the Mediterranean, water parks, are miniature worlds to explore. Places often without identity frame the search for moments of relaxation to cure the stress of work produced by contemporary societies.

In the notion of free time, as defined in the consumer society, the concept of time available for leisure activities (hobbies) and private enjoyment is implicit: free time is clearly linked with leisure time. This time of evasion can represent an instrument of social conditioning and a search for homologation of mass behavior, made possible in this way of using private time, which becomes consumption.

The vocation of these "non-places" seems to leave a space for the personality of each individual and to create relationships, while instead a careful vision is crowded with people who do not communicate with each other.

On the one hand, beaches, mountains, historical monuments are transformed, if too crowded, in “non-places”, in postcards; on the other hand stations, airports can acquire a historical identity over time, and not just be spaces for transit but become places of encounter and human relations.

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