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The Emotion of Vertigo

From the cliffs of the beautiful island of Capri to the steep peaks of the Cortina d'Ampezzo, it is amazing to see the similar sensations that can evoke landscapes that seem to have no common features. Yet this is what Massimo Siragusa's photographs tell us, with the constant search for the feeling that expresses itself in the face of emptiness: vertigo. Vertigo of a dive into the sea, as this bronze statue back to the port, ready for a brave jump from the heights of Capri. Vertigo also of the climber of Cortina, on snow-covered summits which, by their stiffness, propose a careless descent on a carpet of trees.

"The word'vertigo' has been the guide of all my work. The choice of places was natural, spontaneous and immediate: I did not know Capri or Cortina well before photographing them, and as I discovered them, I felt physically dizzy in some of their spaces, I felt lost and at ease. So I let myself be guided by the emotions of the moment, almost those of the first discovery.

"I hope that the spectator will feel drawn, as I was, by the feeling of vertigo that is reflected in the photos. I also hope that he will succeed in confusing and mixing the places and the two territories, the sea and the land. I believe that similarities outweigh differences, however strange they may seem. Especially because Capri is more than an island, it is a mountain lent to the sea". (Massimo Siragusa)

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