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South Sudanese community in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country, built over the centuries by waves of immigration. In Victoria and New South Wales, there is a large community of South Sudanese origin, which faces constant discrimination. Public opinion sees these people as foreigners, although most are Australian by birth, and attributes most of society's evils to them. Their identity has been reduced in some minds to their supposed membership of so-called "African gangs" to which they are assimilated as soon as they gather. Victoria's Crime Statistics Research Agency yet denies these prejudices, since they consider that only 1% of the state's offenders come from Southern Sudanese immigration.

This series looks at the daily life of these inhabitants of Southern Sudanese origin in Melbourne and its suburbs, and their desire to get out of these pejorative designations. Matthew Abbott offers a vision of their experience through sport by following the training of a wrestling team, a football team, and a basketball team, the latter assisted by the NGO Afri-Aus Care, with the mission of preventing crime through basketball.

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