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Humanitarian crisis in Chad

In April 2017, Michael Zumstein went to Tchad to investigate the country's situation, one year after the reelection of the president Idriss Dby Itno for the fifth time.

This central African coutry is going through a succession of major crisis: political repression, financial instability because of the gas cost's fall ( which is the state's first income ), humanitarian crisis with the settling at the North East of the country of the jihadist movement Boko Haram ...

At N'Djamena, the capital, the choice of the FMI to allow a loan of 300 millions dollars on three years has been welcomed by relief in the administration which has been relying for years on the oil revenue to function and construct facilities.

To this political background undermined by the raw materials market add itself a security instability in the North where the sect Boko Haram, born in Borno in Nigeria, has compelled 130 000 people to leave since most of them used to make a living from fishing in the Chad Lake's islands.
The humanitarian urgency is getting worse in the refugee camps located on the road linking Bol to Daboua as well as in the medical centers where the patient care for those suffering from malnutrition became each day harder.

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