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Been walking around aimlessly for days now, Street after street. With a heavy heart, and loneliness as a constant companion. Ive forgotten why Im here and what Im doing.

That is how Martin Bogren describes the creation's process of his series Italia. The swedish photographer wandered through Italy in the streets and alleys of Naples, Bologne, Turin or Palermes, taking pictures of what strike him or inspire him.

The artist evokes a state of instability and floating which he chooses to transcribe with black and white and blur effects which give a timeless style to the pictures.

Through a series of portraits, all created with the same kind of affection and tenderness, Martin Bogren realized a gallery of eclectic characters from the child to the old man passing by the none and the teenage girl. The other pictures, landscapes, buildings, pieces of pavements... set the scene where the viewer can let his imagination run free and create his own stories.

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