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Terrorist bombing in Kabul

On May 31th, 2017, the afghan capital, Kabul, has been yet again the theater of a terrorist attack. At 8h22, in the rush hour, a trapped truck exploded causing 90 deaths and 320 wounded. This time it is the embassy district, one of the most protected of the town with its high anti-explosion walls, which is targeted.

The location of the attack as well as the scale of it have induced an instant international stir with states' statements to condemn the criminal act and support the afghan population.

Andrew Quilty, present here, captures with his camera the extent of the choc and panic of this Afghan population yet again victim of the terrorism violence.
Closest to the events, Quilty managed to take pictures of the light wounded and the bystanders dazed as well as the heavy wounded carried in urgency, by overworked emergency doctors, to the hospital.

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