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Dream Palace, in the really private enclosure of a Seoul's Colaclub

The old generations, dressed in their most beautiful outfits, men and women meet to dance on the Trot music. They spend their day in the cola clubs, a kind of tea dancing room where illegitimate couples come to enjoy theirself or to stay in shape.

In the Jongno district of Seoul, Françoise Huguier discovers the quirky world of the Dream Palace, a Colaclub located at the ninth floor of a building where old generation come to dance. The word Colaclub is a mix of night club and the name of the brand « Coca-Cola » to signal that there is no alcohol and that it is an affordable place to go.

In the Dream Palace huge room, hundreds of couples in their seventies or more, are bouncing slowly in Indian file at the pace of Trot music, an asian syrupry music galvanised by a drum machine. All are extremely well dressed, in extravagant outfits.

Françoise Huguier takes this way the portrait of fantastic couples of whom most of all are not married. The Colaclubs work as a meeting club for seniors. If the elegance of the outfits are a requirement, it is to command respect as Mr. Lee, one of the Dream Palace aficionados, confides.

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