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The name which erases the colour

The series Le nom qui efface la couleur articulate itself around the idea of the achievable, the possibility to be a thing or another, to fall or to fly, to stay or to disappear Eventually, of this freedom which belongs to the man and forces him to choose betwenn several positions.

The project took place at Blanc space which erases the colour where we can behold the edges of a forgotten territory, his granitic particularity, but also his more fleeting aspects.

This series is born from a abstraction, a particular state where the mind opens itself to the exploration of the limits of the photography to attend to the emergence of a new place, more vague and ambiguous but at the same time more faithful to this territory full with feelings, metaphors and language.

The series Le nom qui efface la couleur has been realised as part of an artist residency of the Nature Humaine's association, in region Centre, France.

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