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The Atlas series represents an autobiographical synthesis, full of obsessions, appearances and discoveries. Taking a picture became a thoughtful act, which incorporate the crossing of experiences, times and spaces as well as the latent desire to build a image of the world in which the author can recognize herself.

Traducing these feelings is relying on the resort of fiction, the research of the strange and the extraordinary as symbolic pretext. Atlas is taking up a challenge : to represent the journey of his own experience, over poetic spaces where the unusual happens, where no tricks can be planned. Here, the photographer try less to capture than to invent ( from the latin « invenire », discover ) in other words to find something that was not given straight away.

The themes' continuity wrapped around the idea of time is also inspiring the project. By working this timeless and permanent background, the series gathers experiences which deal with this sensation of revelation and keep questionning the desire to watch, the feeling of coming back to the same ideas, knowing that even if they are the same, they also are always differents. In that sense, to take a picture is nothing else but to express oneself in the landscape, by mapping a fictional space, build from an internal entity, gifted with intention, born from the necessity to communicate by letting itself be driven by the experimentation and the contact with landscape, bodies and things.

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