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« We dream of a journey through the universe. But is the universe then not in us? »

In the last scene of Pier Paolo Pasolini's movie « Theorem », a mystical and metaphysical film, the manager of a Milanese factory takes his clothes off in a train station and runs naked in a desert. This man, yearning for freedom and the absolute, seeks to escape an anxiogenic urban society that alienates and enstranges him from his ideal. By escaping in this infinite desert, he regains his individuality and his part of eternity.

Contemporary man, hemmed in by the chaotic world in which he evolves, turns his gaze towards the unknown and the elsewhere. He is attracted by space – this infinite horizon – and dreams since the dawn of time to travel through the universe. He is like Pasolini's character, in an unquenchable quest for freedom and spirituality, his gaze turned towards someplace else.

The series Cosmos shows men and women seeking to escape from reality, to project themselves into a different world where they can dream, into a fascinating and faraway imaginary world.

This series shows solitary beings moving through enigmatic and fictional sets related to the cosmos, this orderly world in contrast to chaos. They are looking for something else, with fascination they watch the sky and the stars and travel through space. They wander through a strange and wild nature, which resonates like a far and lost Eden on earth they hope to find on another planet.

The series Cosmos is an invitation to an « extraordinary journey» in a fantastic and dreamlike world.

François Fontaine

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